The Legend of Heroes: Trails series hits 5 million sold worldwide

The legend reaches far and wide

The Legend of Heroes: Trails series has managed to hit 5 million units sold worldwide. Falcom confirmed the sales achievement just today, and it shows considerable growth from just a couple months ago. Back on Aug. 7th, 2020, Falcom had revealed that the series managed to pull in 4.7 million units sold worldwide.

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You mean the whole time that it was released from PSP to Switch, its sold at 5 million? That's not even close to how much Ys sells...

If Falcom is happy with it, then it's not a commercial failure as you seem to suggest. Having evergreen sales shows it's a sleeper hit even if it can never rival the Ys franchise at this point in time.

Falcom could use a variety of successful IP since they are a small studio. If they work on nothing else but Ys, they'll get stuck and it'll take one bad Ys game to kill the company.


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