MindSeize - more gameplay

Gameplay of MindSeize on Nintendo Switch (no commentary). Release date: September 30, 2020; Price: $23.99.

Transfer your mind into a MAG and set out to an epic Action-Adventure with Sci-Fi setting! Aiming to save your daughter, an even bigger threat emerges...
Fast-paced combat and extensive exploration awaits, inspired by a wide range of Metroidvania-classics!
Private investigator M.C. Fox is chasing a dangerous criminal organization called The Ascended on unexplored planets, who appear to seize minds of various strong-willed individuals across the universe. A confrontation between M.C. and their leader severely injured him, leaving the investigator crippled and the mind of his daughter seized. This leaves him with little but one choice: Hunting down the leaders of The Ascended with the help of his trusted crew and a robotic body called MAG: The Mind-Action-Gear!

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