The 7th DLC Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter is Steve from Minecraft!

In a video this morning, Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bros. series, announced that Steve and Alex from Minecraft are the next playable fighters coming to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game for the Nintendo Switch system.

Steve and Alex are part of the second Challenger Pack in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which also includes a new stage and seven music tracks from the Minecraft series.

On Oct. 3 at 7:30 a.m. PDT, Sakurai will be back with a deep dive video that will reveal more details about Steve and Alex, including their release date.

Steve and Alex will be available to players who purchase Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2 or who purchase Challenger Pack 7 separately for a suggested retail price of $7.55. By purchasing Fighters Pass Vol. 2 for a suggested retail price of $37.79, players will get access to Steve and Alex, along with previously released fighter Min Min from ARMS and four more yet-to-be-announced Challenger Packs as they release. Each pack includes one fighter, one stage and multiple music tracks.

Join us in welcoming these blocky new heroes to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate family!

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Thu Oct 01 20 10:33am
Rating: 23 (Updated 1 time)

How dare they add a character from one of the best selling games of all time and perhaps the most influential game of the past decade! Something that continues to be popular around the world, has shaped an entire generation of gamers, and has a strong presence on Nintendo systems! I can’t believe Nintendo would succumb to memey garbage like this!

My favorite part of this will be seeing everyone's reactions.

Thu Oct 01 20 10:14am
Rating: 3

Are people going to be angry?

People will always find a reason to be mad lol Minecraft has been around for 10 years now, I dont think its going anywhere, so its tight we get 4 different skins for Smash! I'm hype haha

Man I have zero interest in steve. Whatever makes people happy I guess

I suspect you often have to guess about happiness and people...

What an incredibly mean spirited thing to say.

Your suspecting is incorrect. I'm a family man with a beautiful wife and son. Nothing makes me happier then playing games with them.

Thu Oct 01 20 10:19am
Rating: 8 (Updated 2 times)

What an absolute god damned joke. The one character out of all the stupid third party shill characters that I thought was too insipid to ever make it in, and they go and add it.

I was really, really hoping the next set of paid characters would be actual Nintendo fan service, not this memey, cash in garbage.

Thu Oct 01 20 10:33am
Rating: 23 (Updated 1 time)

How dare they add a character from one of the best selling games of all time and perhaps the most influential game of the past decade! Something that continues to be popular around the world, has shaped an entire generation of gamers, and has a strong presence on Nintendo systems! I can’t believe Nintendo would succumb to memey garbage like this!

Thu Oct 01 20 11:41am
Rating: 6

Well..., so I guess the next character is going to be someone from Fornite, if dlc smash characters are base on influence... Is sad to me as Nintendo fan and Smash fan, expecting characters as Waluigi or Geno, but this DLC characters are PR to get more Smash game sells instead of keeping already smash owners to keep playing the game. Zero hype for me for this character and the next 3 whatever are going to be, but oh well SSBU is still a good game.

Thu Oct 01 20 11:56am
Rating: 4

Why don't you tell us why a puppet from a SNES game that we haven't seen since the 90's deserves to be in the game, while the most prolific game character in many gamers' lifetime doesn't? What is so special and unique about Waluigi that makes him a better choice?

Steve is a TERRIFIC choice for Smash--as much as Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man were. He's not some flash-in-the-pan character like Fortnite which you mentioned before. He stands as a representative of gaming itself.

Thu Oct 01 20 02:19pm
Rating: 4

> "meme characters" bad
>Waluigi and Geno

The irony

Thu Oct 01 20 02:56pm
Rating: 5 (Updated 1 time)

Yeah, heaven forbid Nintendo fans who love Smash for being a celebration of Nintendo history get fed up as they start filling the roster with trendy characters and third party shills that have nothing to do with that history.

What's next, Fortnite and Angry Birds? Just because something is trendy doesn't mean it needs to be slapped into everything.

And yet they have a half dozen Nintendo owned characters that haven’t even been around as long as Minecraft and we’re added because they’re “trendy” in their respective franchises.

Smash is for everyone. Not just for fans who have been around since the NES and clutch their nostalgia pearls anytime something after 2000 is celebrated in the game.

Sat Oct 03 20 03:03am
Rating: 2

Your argument makes no sense and tries to put words in the mouths of those complaining, those newer Nintendo characters are... wait for it... Nintendo characters! No one is seriously upset that newer Nintendo characters are being added, come on.

Doesn't matter if they're new or old, it matters that they come from the same company or have actual, tangible historical connections to that, like Sonic or Banjo/Kazooie, it's all part of Celebrating Nintendo. You know? The thing Smash is supposed to be all about?

The hell does Minecraft being successful have to do with Nintendo? It's just shilling for unrelated games for revenue and it cheapens the roster.

Sat Oct 03 20 05:07am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Your argument against Steve seems to consist of “successful game is bad”. If you don’t like Minecraft that’s fine. I’ve never played it myself. But I’m not ignorant to its impact.
Minecraft is successful. It’s also one of the most influential games of the last decade. It has fostered massive collaboration and creativity within its user base. Nintendo themselves partnered with Microsoft to have Nintendo exclusive content to celebrate its release on their platforms.

Who would you like?
Geno? Not a Nintendo character.
Ryu Hayabusa? Not a Nintendo character
Waluigi? Already an assist trophy and just a meme request.
A character from a game you like?

I only mention those above because they are currently the top asks from a vocal minority. Not trying to “put words in your mouth”.

Sat Oct 03 20 08:42am
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

It's not about successful game bad, I hold no Ill will towards Minecraft at all, it's an objectively well made game even though it's not my cup of tea. It just doesn't have anything to do with Nintendo. My issue is that Smash was always a celebration of Nintendo. Period. And I take issue with adding characters to Smash who don't have an actual history with them, and by history I mean: characters created by Nintendo, characters originating on and becoming successful on Nintendo hardware and/or played a direct part in the success of a console, with 3rd parties consisting only of characters irrevocably intertwined with this history, like Sonic for his generations long rivalry with Mario. You know, characters that when you hear their name, you also think Nintendo.

Even though I take serious issue with a few of the 3rd party additions, there is at least some justification for most of them. But Steve? All Nintendo did was add a skin pack to Minecraft, a game that in no way owes Nintendo anything for its success, the game has no tangible connection to them, so putting Steve in Smash, much like Joker before him feels like a shill move, a corporate decision not within the spirit of the game.

I don't care for Geno/Ryu/Waluigi as picks, but they fit my criteria and I can't complain too much. Geno did originate in a Mario game, Ryu started life on the NES and Waluigi is... still a Mario character, even though I personally hate him because like you said, he's just a meme.

As for MY picks? All first or second party characters: Midna/Wolf Link, Skull Kid, Rex or Nia, Neuron Officers from Astral Chain, Travis Touchdown, a few others who got stuck as assist trophies, and my most wanted character, Krystal, also happens to be one of the most consistently requested female Nintendo owned characters to date yet gets just as consistently ignored. So on top of being against the idea of 'outsider' 3rd parties to begin with, when I have to see actual internal characters with dedicated fanbases get ignored for generations, only to then have outsider 3rd parties like Steve and Joker show up? Kinda gets my hackles up.

Yeah, can' t wait until they add some Roblox character now...

Seriously, Minecraft is a multiplatform game that has a stong presence wherever it is. The fact it has lots of players shouldn't be a requirement to be in Smash. If that was so, FE and Xenoblade should never be there in the first place. Ice Climbers then, who needs these?

If that's a precedent Nintendo wants to set, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll have to gobble up some Fortnite or Overwatch thrash in the remaining slots.

I'm with you. I get why Minecraft is ultra popular but to me this feels like a dumb pick and one that's weird af due to everyone being blocks. It sucks and I'd much prefer someone from the NES/MSX era since there's tons of good picks

There's plenty of NES era fighters. My seven year old son totally understands why they picked this. Not every passionate gamer is over 35 like me. And Minecraft has given my son so many hours of fun. It's okay to not be the only audience of a popular thing.

I like how Sakurai was like 'guys pls Nintendo made me do it''

There are currently 126M WW active users of Minecraft.
So while not everyone may like "Steve" -- he is played by a lot of people.

Right. Also, Minecraft is the most successful third party game on both Wii U and Switch. In Japan, those two versions are Microsoft‘s only console million sellers.

Even Nintendo devs refer to Minecraft. Mario Odyssey has right stick camera control only after they saw kids using it just fine in Minecraft. Miyamoto regrets Nintendo not coming up with it too. It’s definitely influential behind the scenes there.

Ummm wut? Pretty sure Nintendo had right stick camera controls for Mario and their other games on the gamecube way before minecraft

They took it out in Galaxy and 3D World, and Sunshine was a notable failure sales-wise, it was about then they started to think accessibility. They literally thought it would be too complex for kids. I believe it was an interview in 2018 with Miyamoto or Koizumi about it.

Saying it's only in there b/c Minecraft is a stretch: https://metro.co.uk/2017/06/19/super-mario-odyssey-interview-with-yoshiaki-koizumi-and-kenta-motokura-please-look-forward-to-it-6718082/
Kenta Motokura: "One thing we have thought about is, for example, Minecraft. It’s very, very big with kids and initially we did think that gameplay with turning the camera around would not be accessible for kids. But it turns out kids love that game, and so there’s thoughts like that that went into our game as well."
But saying Miyamoto regrets Nintendo not coming up with camera controls he clearly had the precursor for in SM64, and implemented seven years before Minecraft is a flat-out fabrication.

"They took it out in of Galaxy..." no kidding, the Wiimote/nunchuk didn't have a second analog stick🙄
3D World's a very different game that doesn't need camera control, but even that has segments where you can control it with the right stick.
Both points are moot though, as is the non-sequitur Sunshine's sales. They already had the idea way before Minecraft, you just agreed with me.

Thu Oct 01 20 10:26am
Rating: 1

Congrats to Minecraft, going to get that Smash Bros. sales boost Smile

I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

Thu Oct 01 20 11:02am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I still remember reaching Minecraft's first "early beta" website in 2000's, I just don.t recall how I learned about its existence (maybe a GBA Temp post).

I decided to help the developer with $10 or $20, The page had only about 200 likes/supporters.

I downloaded the beta, played the unfinished game for less than 1 hour and said: "Ok, things are still getting in shape. I'll wait for the full game and then come back".

I've never downloaded it a second time.
But funny enough, with this Smash announcement, I'm thinking about buying it "again".

This character isnt for me at all but seeing all the younger gamers happy makes him worth it I guess. I wont buy him and I know quickplay is gonna be overrun with Steve players until the end of time but hey what can you do. Hopefully the next character is more Nintendo centric and comes soon.

Thu Oct 01 20 10:41am
Rating: 3 (Updated 1 time)

Not interested personally but not mad about it. Minecraft is a huge phenomenon and with Smash now being more about celebrating games in general and not just Nintendo it makes sense to include it.

Also there’s a ton of kids who will have been introduced to gaming through Minecraft or had it play a big part in their history with games. They deserve a character pivotal to their childhood represented just as we yearn to see characters from ours!

Thu Oct 01 20 10:55am
(Updated 1 time)

Not surprised. It is not for me, so it doesn't excite me in the slightest, but it is the best selling game of all time and still insanely popular. Also probably one of the most Nintendo-like 3rd party franchises when it comes to appeal.

Steve... from Minecraft... *sigh*... so Fortnite and Angry Birds next then?

Thu Oct 01 20 11:04am
Rating: 4

The way I see it, if you like the character, play as them. If you don't like the character, play against them and beat them to a pulp

This is not for me, but good for those who wanted him/them in. At least now we have the two Microsoft characters people wanted.

I'm happy to see that an early poll shows that only 10% of Twitter answers on the main post are negative:


Nintendo are forever DOOMED! And I'm going to complain about people complaining before they even say anything.(Even though they're entitled to their opinion, the same as everyone else) Am I doing it right? /s

Well, at least that’s 1 prediction I got right. It makes sense, it may attract new players to both franchises. And Nintendo kind of owe Microsoft for a few of their games that they got.

I think Steve was a great choice, and one I was hoping for. But then, I've been playing Minecraft on and off for around a decade.

Just from this trailer I can see they've incorporated a lot from Minecraft... I never would have dreamed Steve would craft in Smash Bros., but I also never thought The Hero would use a selection menu in the middle of a fighting game. I'm excited to learn more.

I'm REALLY happy to see the Minecraft stages. I wonder how much variation we'll see... if they're just several configurations chosen randomly, or if they have random changing elements like the Mario Maker stage.

Thu Oct 01 20 12:06pm
Rating: 3 (Updated 1 time)

I was today years old when I found out the Minecraft character had a name 😂.

Ooooh I can see people are salty AF! No surprise there.


Tell me again why a poor mans Pinocchio, not even created by Nintendo, from a game few played, is more deserving than the mascot to one of the best selling games of all time?

I can see both sides of the argument for and against Steve's inclusion in Super Smash Bros.

I think a lot of people are forgetting that even some of the Nintendo characters in smash, have no right to be in a beat 'em up and it's a testament to Nintendo's brilliance that they've been able to carve a respectable fighting game from something that could be been nothing more than Fan Service(and it still is). So now they're expanding outside the Nintendo world, and if we're talking fans, I don't think you'll have more fans than Minecraft. Although, I've never played Minecraft, I know it's got 100's of millions of avid fans so totally makes sense. Now...on to the next fighter reveal.

My kids love Minecraft! This is going to be a very popular addition to the roster. And in my opinion, a deserving entry.

Thu Oct 01 20 03:11pm
Rating: 1

The character looks like trash but the Minecraft stage looks cool. The world is what I think of when I think of Minecraft - that's the real star, not the "characters".

Oh well, can't win em all.

That's very disappointing, to be honest, and for a lot of reasons.

The first of these being that the decision came from Nintendo's brass, if we fully believe Sakurai (although we must take his words with a grain of salt, as he also stated that "we don't just pick my favorites", but Joker and Terry are still there...). And that means Nintendo itself has lost contact with Smash's legacy of being a celebration of all things Nintendo and is willing to do more business with its competitor, Microsoft.

Also, that makes the DLC pack even more unappealing to Nintendo fans. I'm not against third party characters at all, but if they feel like it's a good idea to add these, then add something with deeper ties to Nintendo history and not just a placeholder character from a random multiplatform game that MS would release even for fridges if they could. I was not expecting any particular character, but the likes of Phoenix Wright and Ryu Hayabusa would make much more sense and would appeal to Nintendo fans, for example. Even the first-party offering we got isn't that appealing (nothing against Min Min, but she isn't the first character one remembers when ARMS comes to mind).

It also feels much more of a business decision than a player-beneficial decision. Nintendo has lots of characters that could benefit from the Smash spotlight (from Chibi-Robo to Krystal, passing through Dixie Kong, Waluigi, any of the Pikmin 3 captains, Rex, Mipha, Samurai Goroh... the list could go on and on), but instead they decided to rework all stages just to accomodate the only profitable franchise from their new friend Microsoft. I guess that Phil Spencer's silver tongue is working, unfortunately...

And finally, from a personal point of view, it sucks even more because well... I'm of the opinion that Minecraft is simply a bad game. I know a lot of people like it, but popularity doesn't necessarily mean quality. Anyway, it seems Nintendo is doing their best to not get my money. The first pack was a mixed bag, but if things go on this way, the second will be even worse. It's not the first time Smash DLC has made me scratch my head (do you guys remember Cloud? No? Of course you don't, his game wasn't even on a Nintendo platform...), and it's not the end of the world, but it is still very disappointing.

Damn, this is a lot of nonsense to say "I dont like the choice".

And this is a few words to say "I don't have an actual answer".

Your salt is exactly what i hope for every time a new character comes out hahaha All my favorites are in so anyone else, even if i dont know them, is a bonus, to me!

Fair enough. It's not like I was hurt by that or anything, but I would rather have something better or that made more sense (mind you, my concerns go beyond Minecraft, with silly additions to the roster like Terry and Piranha Plant).

Ah, and I don't see things like "oh, I love that series/character, then Smash must add it too!".

I can definitly understand those concerns too, regarding Terry and piranha plant, as SNK isnt very well know as far as the communities I am involved in, and we certainly didnt need another Mario character lmao but Steve in Smash just makes sense to me. Its been around for 10 years, has a few generations who grew up playing that first before fortnite caught on 3 or 4 years back. They have a huge install base and Steve is probably more recognizable than over half the roster to the games age range (E 10+)

I just didnt think minecraft would transition to smash very well. Steve is looking pretty dope though! I actually held back on the fighter pass 2 because I'm starting to get tired of companies shafting people with battle passes, and min-min didnt seem to exciting since I didnt get arms and didnt think much of it, but her playstyle is unique and it looks like steve is pretty unique as well with the building and the minecraft that scoops up other fighters (that donkey kong K.O. was slick in the trailer)

But thats just, like, my opinion, man!

Fri Oct 02 20 03:20am
(Updated 1 time)

Why would Ryu Hayabusa be more deserving when the character has barely been on Nintendo platforms in the last 25 years?

Deep ties to Nintendo’s history? Gimme a break.
Or it because you just prefer that character....now THAT is hypocrisy ;)

Hayabusa's case is similar to Snake's presence in Smash. The Ninja Gaiden series, however, was even more impactful on Nintendo platforms than Metal Gear ever was. Nintendo even published Razor's Edge in NA

Minecraft, on the other hand, only came to Nintendo systems in the dying days of the Wii U and of the original 3DS. It sold well, but that's because it sells well wherever it is.

And it's not a matter of me wanting Ryu Hayabusa or not, it's just that this character is more relevant than Mr. humanoid pixel block in Nintendo's history. See, we now know that Bomberman and Travis Touchdown will get the Mii costume treatment, but these would also be better choices overall.

It's a very baffling decision from Nintendo's higher-ups to highlight a multiplatform crossplay title from one of its competitors instead of giving the spotlight to a storied franchise with dozens of titles, including a Switch launch one (Bomberman), or to a character that will get an Switch-only title soon and is universally recognized due to the Wii (Travis).

I wonder if the next Smash would have as many third party cast as Ultimate...

Sat Oct 03 20 07:56am
(Updated 1 time)

I sure as hell hope not. I really hope the next Smash severely cuts down the roster. Get rid of all the 3rd parties and the needless fluff 1st party characters like Wii Fit, R.O.B., Dr. Mario, Young Link, Miis, Pichu, and Piranah Plant for example. While giving characters like Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong completely new/reworked movesets that are based on recent game enteries.

Not only would a smaller roster help with better game balancing competitively but like I said a smaller roster would be able to freshen up the old N64/Melee casts movesets to make those characters feel new again. Most of those characters still have the same movesets since 1999.

We were due for a "The future is now Old Man" pick and Steve certainly fits the bill.

Sun Oct 04 20 11:26am
(Updated 1 time)

Haha, perfect comment. Getting flashbacks of my time as a Wii lad on the NSider forums arguing with belligerent NES guys who insisted that we had enough pokémon, didn't need any third-parties, and certainly didn't want Bowser Jr.

(Sakurai adds Terry and Steve)

"Who are these niche 3rd party characters that no one knows? Smash is a celebration of Nintendo history so I want a Nintendo character who's immediately recognizeable to millions and goes back decades!"

(Sakurai adds Piranha Plant)

"But not like that one."


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