WayForward on Shantae lore, game difficulty, 3D Shantae platformer interest, and more

A magical interview

As we mentioned yesterday, WayForward's Matt Bozon was involved in a Reddit AMA today. We dug through the questions and found a few tantalizing tidbits that fans should appreciate.

On a Shantae game that dives deeper into lore and provides more challenge

I'd love to get back into that, and have been exploring those story lines recently. I tried to keep Sirens a little on the light side difficulty wise, since we are dealing with a wider audience than usual, and throwing a lot of new ideas at them. But, I also miss the "classic" difficulty.

On the chances of a Shantae 3D platformer

Sure, we've talked about doing that a lot since the N64 days. There's nothing stopping this from happening (well, other than lots of time and money). So it's a possibility.

Bonus features for the first Shantae game on Switch

There is a front-end, it doesn't just boot directly into the game. You'll be able to pick whether or not you want to play with the GBA enhancements, and we're working on getting some bonus stuff in there too.


I felt complacency in Seven Sirens, like the game was functional, but unmemorable. characters didn't had moments to shine. It kinda felt like the whole game was a long beach episode special. In that sense I suppose it did it's thing but, even Half Genie Hero has some more impactful moments.

I get the thing of aiming for a bigger audience but it has also felt like a excuse to dumb down the experience and not take chances for feeling others will not like it. We're in the post patch era, I think the should do it like with Sonic Mania which had the option to disable the time limit and other stuff people didn't like.

I bet RMC would like a 3D version


Has someone from AMA asked if they have any chance of doing something like Pirate's Curse?

Or why Jake Kaufman didn't want to compose for the latest game?

*sigh* Still waiting for my Limited Run copy of Seven Sirens...


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