A Pikmin has been spotted in official Super Nintendo World promotional material

More and more pictures regarding Japan's upcoming Super Nintendo World are becoming available, and this latest batch of pictures showcase what appears to be some sort of design for a carrying bag. On the bag, a colorful display of Mario characters can be seen. But upon further investigation, a few different Pikmin can be spotted throughout the picture! Considering that the park is called Super Nintendo World and not Super Mario World, could this be our first sneak peek at some non-Mario theming for the park? Will there be some sort of Pikmin ride in the future? Only time will tell.

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There's definitely a red and blue Pikmin. There might be a yellow Pikmin, though not where someone pointed to on Twitter.

This might be a yellow Pikmin, or it could be just a blur.

I assume the park licenses are tied up with the movie licenses, and that's why it's only been Mario thus far. If that's true than Universal has either licensed Pikmin or Nintendo doesn't care to hold on to the option to pursue a movie with it.

no Nintendo/Universal Park is using Mario for it theme Park, since Mario is Nintendo most sucefull IP, beside Pokémon.

If it was just about who was the biggest draw, Kirby would have Donkey Kong's place in the Japanese park.

what if Pikmin have the same role of Hidden Mickey in Disney parks.

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