Joe Biden unveiling an official Animal Crossing: New Horizons island on Oct. 16th, 2020

The Joe Biden campaign has already shared some signage to use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but now they're taking things to the next level. Biden's team has created an entire island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Kinda Funny Games is going to showcase it tomorrow at 2 PM ET.

This is an official collab event between Kinda Funny and the Biden campaign, so it'll be interesting to see who pops up on stream tomorrow to give the guided tour.


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Thu Oct 15 20 06:02pm
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Careful Isabelle, apparently he likes to smell hair.

Pretty sure this goes against the Animal Crossing TOS. But pokemon go to the polls fellow kids!

It starts.

Although to be fair, it's harder to prevent politics being involved in any sort of media. One could said military shooters have ease people into using some weaponry, like drone strikes.

Still I fear the time that games will be affected by carrying political sides.

Thu Oct 15 20 06:02pm
Rating: 4

Careful Isabelle, apparently he likes to smell hair.

Mega cringe. Hate when these polititians who dont give a hoot about kids try to connect with them.

Would have thought he would have gone for Leisure Suit Larry tbh

Yeah, but mind you, the intent is not trying to connect with kids (or is it?), but obviously with the young adults demographic that are eligible to vote.

Nintendo should take that down, politics is not something healthy on gaming platforms.

I can understand wanting to connect with that demographic but dang choose a game that isnt designed for that E for everyone range; do T or M haha

Idk thats just my opinion though a suppose!

If I were going to vote, this type of content is exactly the type of the thing that would make me NOT interested in voting for the person doing it.


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