Unskippable ads returns once again, this time in NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K20 faced backlash for featuring unskippable ads in the full, paid version of the game. 2K eventually removed those spots from the game after apologizing for the issue. Now those same ads appear to be back, this time in 2K21.

NBA 2K21 hasn't been out all that long, but players are already being frustrated by unskippable ads. Players have to sit back and let a full ad play out before they can edit their lineups or move on. Obviously this has people even more frustrated than last time, as it seemed like 2K was moving away from ads like this after the last fiasco.

2K is yet to comment on the matter, but hopefully they end up taking the same path as they did with last year's game.

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Did 2K19 have unskippable ads? That’s the version I got when it was like $3 on the eShop a year or so ago. It would be nice to know that the ‘19 version of the game didn’t have this shame in it.

I'm glad you paid exactly what the game is worth Smile

The '18 and '19 games both had ads, they were turn-off-able in settings.
I wonder if that is the case here?
(both times they caused OUTRAGE - but those upset articles of anger didn't list how to turn off the ads - which was simple and easy - I'm hoping this time they really aren't turn-off-able so that the anger is justified here...though I'm not a fan of the anger in either case - anger and outrage produce no value)


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