GoNintendo Thought: Which Nintendo franchise have you neglected or never played?

What's your Nintendo blind spot?

There's a lot with GoNintendo keeping me busy right now, but I'd like to get at least 3 written features a week on the site. Let's see how this week goes with our first feature! As always, thanks for reading.

Nintendo offers a wide variety of characters and franchises. From household names like Mario and Pokemon to fan-favorites like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, there's all sorts of experiences to have. Those brands also include a number of different genres among them, especially when you consider spin-offs. If you take a step back and look at the vast library of titles under Nintendo's umbrella, you can find pretty much anything you'd like to experience.

While that wide range of genres is certainly great when it comes to choice, it also means that not every IP is going to be the one for you. Nintendo has platformers, action games, puzzlers, first person adventures, racing, and so much more to choose. While many are willing to give any game a try, there's still some IP that might be too far outside of your comfort zone. This leads to a series or two that might have escaped your attention.

I'm always down to try new gaming experiences, even when they fall into genres that aren't in my wheelhouse. I have nothing against RPGs or strategy games...they just scare me. I know I'm absolutely terrible at them, and I spent an insane amount of time trying to plan out my next move. After all that time I finally commit to an attack, and then watch as everything I laid out goes terribly wrong. My mind just isn't made for those type of games! I'll struggle through them from time to time and I always have fun, but I can clearly see that they're usually beyond my abilities.

In terms of Nintendo, that means my blind spot is the Fire Emblem franchise. I have played numerous installments in the series, and I really do get a lot enjoyment from them. That said, they are the definition of labors of love for me. I miss so much of the nuance poured into these titles it's ridiculous. The stats you can tweak, the approach to battles, the smart planning, and so on. I just end up fumbling my way through from first battle to the climax. It's not pretty, but I eventually get the job done.

Again, while I do enjoy the Fire Emblem series, I just know that I'm not experiencing it to its fullest. I see others talking about the franchise and realize all these amazing bits and pieces I missed along the way. That's not just gameplay mechanics, but story connections as well. I'm so laser-focused on doing my best to survive that I miss just about everything else along the way. I'm so stressed out when I play Fire Emblem games, knowing that the next move could be the one that seals the fate of a whole group of characters. That constant nervousness and fear picks at me the whole time, and I miss everything else!

Is there any Nintendo franchise that gives you the same trouble? Perhaps a whole series that you haven't even bothered to play? What would it take to give it a go, and why have you skipped out on it for all these years?

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To be honest, I hardly play Kirby games yet I LOVE Kirby. What’s going on with me?!

Same with Metroid Prime games here for me :-/

Quite a few. I only ever played the first Pokemon Red and had no desire to play any of the sequels. I've only played one or two Kirby games.... they're kind of like baby games to me. I've also never played a Splatoon game because I'm just not into competitive multiplayer. I know they have a single player mode, but a few hours of play just aren't worth it.

Earthbound and Splatoon. Of all the smash bros first party franchises, they are only two (easily accessible) series that I have always ignored for one reason or another.

This always surprises my friends because I am such a huge Nintendo fan but for me it's Pokémon. I never even played one of these. That's not entirely true though, I have I think it's Moon somewhere? I played it for a couple hours and never touched it again.

I'm not into strategy that much either so I can't say I play all of the Fire Emblem games but I do play some of them. Although I have to say that Three Houses might be the first Fire Emblem that is too intimidating for me. I wanted to play it but the scope of the game plus the fact that I have less play time than before made me choose not to. But I wouldn't say Fire Emblem is a completely blind spot. Pokémon though. Completely blind.

I'd say Pikmin, Fire Emblem (tried it but didn't like it that much, now FE Heroes on the other hand), Xenoblade.

Dude Xenoblade is phenomenal. And I would say it is accesible to players who are not into jrpgs but at the same time it progressively brings you to that point where you have to master some of its depth. And that feels incredibly rewarding.

Never played a single second of any Pikmin, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Earthbound....maybe more.

I am a serious Nintendo collector and own most Nintendo-developed games for every platform... except Animal Crossing. I've never owned an AC game, never played one, and never had any interest in it at all. I have a general idea of what it's about, and I'm familiar with a few of the characters because of Super Smash Bros., but that's it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will probably end up being the best-selling Nintendo game that never finds a home in my collection. Oh well!

This is a question I had to think hard on. I generally go out of my way to play everything Nintendo offers, as I enjoy a large majority of it. Nintendo partly owns Fatal Frame now for some reason, so I guess that if that counts? I've never had any interest in any of them. Otherwise, I'd have to start picking single pretty obscure games I haven't played Zangeki no Reginleiv (which i do own though. Some day I'll get to it...)

I'm surprised more people aren't saying DK. Sure, a lot have played at least one DKC game, but I feel like I've met very few people that have played Jungle Beat, King of Swing and Jungle Climber, Barrel Blast (which is understandable to not play), or Mario vs DK. They are all (mostly) great, and itd a shame so many ignore most of them.

I never played King of Swing and Jungle Climber. They're the ones that are played with the trigger buttons on gba right? I tried that on emulation I think and wasn't too fond of them. Are they good?

Yes, they are absolutely fun to play. I played the first non stop until I beat it.

Tue Oct 20 20 01:09pm
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Yeah and Jungle Climber is on DS. I really enjoyed them, but it definitely took a little bit of time to get into it.

Wed Oct 21 20 12:58am
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To be fair, those DK games are not as fun or interesting as the Country games. Not that they are bad, but asking somebody that enjoyed the SNES trilogy or the Classic arcade games to play a weird drumming game (Jungle beat), a quirky climber game or a cutsie puzzle-oriented spin-off, won't guarantee their attention. They mostly find them either weird, meh or silly respectively.

I love Jungle Beat btw as well as barrel blast

Everything you're saying is perfectly valid, but I feel like it only drives my point home even more and the point of the topic as well; that most people, even if they love DKC, are unfamiliar with the DK series as a whole.

I've missed out on most Mario Kart games and therefore do not know the surely well-defined reasoning behind why the Mushroom Kingdom allows known kidnappers to participate. (~_~)

Kid Icarus.
I’ve bought a used copy of the 3DS game but I don’t even know what’s the game is about. Gee, I even don’t ever watched a trailer or gameplay as far as I can remember.

I also never touched Earthbound (got the Wii U VC for free on Club Nintendo) nor Fatal Frame .

Pikmin. 3 games in and I have never played a single one Sad

Weirdly enough, some of the biggest franchises: Mario [aside from the spinoffs], Donkey Kong [only played the 64 version], Smash, Animal Crossing and Splatoon. I've played plenty of Luigi's Mansion but somehow traditional Mario never did much for me [mostly the "get from the left to right" thing just didn't appeal to me]

I've never been interested in Pikmin, Smash Bros or DK. Probably never will.
I've never tried Xenoblade, but I'm sure I eventually will and most likely I'll enjoy it.

Pikmin, I've never so much as even seen gameplay footage.

Tue Oct 20 20 09:28am
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Donkey Kong. I've played the arcade game and a few hours of Donkey Kong Country, which I played this year, via the SNES online!
Oddly I watched the TV series back in the day but I didn't play the games really.

I've also not played Animal Crossing, Pikmin, WarioWare, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Mario vs Donkey Kong or the extreme sports stuff like Wave Race or 1080.

Reading comments is reminding me more of what I've never played/had interest in. Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Pokemon (I did though briefly play Pokemon Go but I don't' think that counts). But the longest franchise I have always disliked/never played would be Metroid. As a kid the NES version never appealed to me and that just lead into when Super Metroid was released and on and on.

I've tried to play Super Metroid and others but the appeal still isn't' there.

Metroid Prime.
I love the 2-D map exploration action style games from Metroid to IGA's Castlevanias to modern ones like Dead Cells. I'm just not into first person shooter games so I've never given Metroid Prime a chance. If Nintendo releases a Metroid Prime trilogy on Switch I'll probably check it out.

Tue Oct 20 20 12:46pm
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Kirby - It's too easy and basic
Yoshi - I don't like how the flutter jump and stop-and-throw mechanics break up the rhythm of your gameplay.
Paper Mario - I've probably missed some good games here, but they're time-consuming and I only ever hear fans complain that the series isn't what it should be.
Mario Party - I played Mario Party 2 and it kept feeling like sheer luck was more important than actual skill. I stopped playing the franchise and never went back.

They seem like charming franchises that are right for somebody. But this is why a good company like Nintendo has several different franchises to hit lots of demographics.

Animal Crossing- Can't get into it because of lack of real objectives

Warioware- Got into it...just not as much due to its simplicity

Pikmin-Not of my interest

Mario Party-Don't have many friends to play with.

Extremely disappointed in you people who listed DK. King K.Rool does not approve...

Anyway mine are main series Pokemon and Xenoblade. Played Xenoblade 1 for about an hour before not touching it again and Pokemon I have tried multiple times to get into the series and each time I get bored and stop playing. Tried Diamond, OmegaRuby, X, Lets Go, and Sword. Besides Sword (which I have not touched despite owning) played for about 2-5 hours each before stopping. Much more of a fan of the Pokemon spin-offs.

I really wanted to like F- Zero but that entire franchise is something I can live with out. It is unforgiving and infuriating.

The next Nintendo franchise I would neglect is Wario Land. The gameplay just isn't there.

Oddly enough I love yoshi but every game starring yoshi bores me to tears.

Honorable mentions:
Battalion Wars

It’s ok, I think F-Zero is a franchise Nintendo likes to live without Smile

I think Pokemon, Fire emblem, Earthbound and Kirby would be those franchises.

I only played one pokemon. like 15 years ago! And I got to the end but never cared to find all the mons and the post-game content. i get why many do but I just can get myself to play another one. Earthbound started playing it and lost interest very fast. I have only played one Kirby, the NES one.

Ring Fit, Wii Music, Pilot Wings, and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Hmm... I'm only gonna count the big dogs (excluding Roman Reigns) because I feel like if I count obscure games like Starfy we could be here all night.

I've played most series at least once. I haven't played Pikmin yet despite it being my friend's favorite game. I've gotten the demo but haven't tried it yet.
I've played a few F-Zero games but it's not something I want to go back to.
I've played the original Kid Icarus but not the DS version. I'm interested in playing it though.
I've played a handful of Fire Emblem games: Awakening, Fates, Heroes, Three Houses, and whatever was in the ambassador program. I put the most hours into Heroes and Three Houses. But there's a glaring issue about all those these: I never finished them. Even with the most intimidating features off (limited maps, permadeath) I still lose interest as something else comes along before I can finish it that I want to play more, and then it's lost to time. So I doubt I'm gonna play anymore of these. I still enjoy the series but I'm better off just reading a synopsis or watching gameplay/cutscenes. I want to grind too much.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just flat out disappointed in Animal Crossing New Horizons, making it 0-2 for AC console releases for me. I've played them all, and the original, Wild World, and New Leaf are all better even with less features. The game is a borefest now.

I want to include Yoshi, but I 100% Woolley World. That game was amazing, and I love Yoshi's Story too. But I don't have other Yoshi specific games besides SMW2.

I also would include Metroid, but I've played the majority of the 2D Metroids and dang if they aren't a work of art. I have a hard time connecting emotionally to the series though. Never touched Prime, but got the collection on Wii U though I never played it. I did get Hunters on DS, and it was fun but I never finished it.

Haven't played Xenoblade. Dying to play Chronicles 2 and Definitive Edition but they're all so expensive. I'm afraid of the huge timesink they are too. I have a hard time with these long, long, long RPGs these days.

Rhythm Heaven? I suck at rhythm games but I love the art style and characters.
Everything else though, I'm game.

Y'all are sleeping on the DKC games. They're better than any Mario platformer I've played.


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