Analyst Michael Pachter says Nintendo "isn't that smart," should drop the Switch dock and go Switch Lite only

Here we go again...

Analyst Michael Pachter was one of the most prominent voices in the video game industry when it came to analysis and predictions, but he's been a tad quiet in recent years. Looks like he's aiming to change all that today with some comments that Nintendo fans are sure to see as inflammatory, if they don't outright dismiss them.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Pachter shared his thoughts about Nintendo and their success with the Switch. This is when Pachter reveals that he doesn't understand the whole vision of Switch, and thinks Nintendo should take a different route.

“I don’t really understand the whole hybrid concept. I think that was something Iwata did to differentiate the Switch, and he wanted to have a console that could go back and forth from console to portable. But I don’t think most people play it in both modes, I would say that maybe 20% of Switch owners play both modes; and I think most Switch owners play it handheld only. So I honestly don’t understand the whole point of the hybrid. Who cares? Play it as a handheld.

And Nintendo isn’t that smart, so you never know what they will do next, but I think the smart thing would be to get rid of the Switch console and only have the Switch Lite, get rid of the docking station, get rid of playing on the TV; maybe offer a Fire Stick style dongle for those who do want to play it on the TV. But I just think that a portable-only Switch makes the most sense, it’s the cheapest to make, and they could make the screen nicer and the build quality better.

I am not sure what we will see from them next generation, if there will be upgrade to processing power. They should at least put some flash memory in it so you can download some games and not have to screw around with cartridges.”

Pachter has had some hot takes in the past, and obviously this one fits right in with those. While Pachter may not understand the whole hybrid concept, it seems to have worked out quite well for Nintendo, as the platform continues to sell extremely well. Along with that, as far as we've seen, the traditional Switch has always outsold the Switch Lite, which would show that people like the flexibility that the base Switch provides them.

I always try to avoid snark and sarcasm in my posts, and I'm going to do that here as well. That said, if you'd like to hear my more colorful thoughts on these comments, I'm sure I'll have plenty to share on this weekend's podcast!

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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I did avoid his comments for a very, very long time, and received a lot of pushback for doing so. After multiple pleas to cover his comments again, I started doing so about a year ago. Felt everyone deserved a second chance. Unfortunately, we're getting things like this.

...I'm definitely regretting the decision.

I thought we decided not to have Pachter stories anymore? His takes were always inflammatory and off the mark....I'm happy to just keep ignoring him and not giving him more coverage...especially after the "late and not so great" Iwata comments.

I did avoid his comments for a very, very long time, and received a lot of pushback for doing so. After multiple pleas to cover his comments again, I started doing so about a year ago. Felt everyone deserved a second chance. Unfortunately, we're getting things like this.

...I'm definitely regretting the decision.

Fri Oct 23 20 02:35pm
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You thought Pachter had changed? Nevertheless, it drives traffic to your posts. I’ll give you that.

I wouldn't mind if you stopped covering Pachter again.

Look! We all agree that it's a Nintendo so site where you guys post Nintendo related news, good and bad both. Even if we like this idiot's gibberish or not, it's still Ninty news. Keep your promise =)

If we need some blathering idiot to encourage interactions then we as a society are F***ed

Bottom line: It's still Nintendo news.

If he's gonna continue with the bad takes, that's all the more reason for you to cover them. Not just for the #engagement, but because if he's gonna say stupid shit, it should be documented, disseminated, and ridiculed.

Understandable. Thanks for the explanation.... I realize I may have come across as criticizing you're editorial decisions, but I was genuinely curious why you posted it. I also believein second chances, I just thought he already had one! Haha. I support your choice either way, though I'd prefer to see much less of Pachter... If it were up to me!

Fri Oct 23 20 02:25pm
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I guess I and my friends are in that 20% number of his who play in both modes regularly. I play Switch almost exclusively docked while at home, but I bring my Switch to work every day and play at lunch, undocked of course. It’s a dream come true.

The very reason the Switch is selling gangbusters is the hybrid concept. He’s a bit of a dolt, this Pachter. He seems to not understand the video game industry at all. Perhaps he should stick to prognosticating about phones or whatever.

Fri Oct 23 20 02:26pm
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For a so-called analyst it seems like Michael Pachter doesn’t pay attention to actual data. Most users play in both modes:

And only 30% play primarily in handheld or tabletop mode.

Still, to me those ratios are disappointing. Nintendo likes to position the Switch as a “home console that you can take with you.” That’s certainly how I use it. But the way it is used by the majority of Switch owners suggest they consider it a “portable console that can also dock to your TV.”

I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as they keep selling.

Fri Oct 23 20 03:02pm
(Updated 1 time)

I wonder if anything has changed in the numbers since the Switch Lite came out, since I’d imagine new users who intend to use the Switch purely for portable play would probably end up buying a Switch Lite. It would be interesting to see this survey done again.

What makes that disappointing?

Personally I want Nintendo to stick with the hybrid console model for the foreseeable future. But if Nintendo finds that people aren’t using the Switch as a home console, they may be tempted to change to portable-only offerings going forward, as Pachter is advocating.

That’s why I find those ratios disappointing. Does that answer your question?

From what I can see 70% of users are using the switch a good amount in docked mode, while 30% use docked mode minimally or not at all. I think those are pretty solid numbers.

Fri Oct 23 20 04:21pm
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Michael Pachter? Wrong?
*falls on floor*
I just can't believe it, nothing makes sense in this world anymore 😓

I don’t really understand the whole hybrid concept

There is no reason the continue reading past his opening statement.

Fri Oct 23 20 02:59pm
Rating: 2

I play Switch almost exclusively docked so it’s fair to say I strongly disagree. I could get nasty about it, but it’s just a bad take. Not worth it.

I'm in the part of the statistics that play docked only. I don't really travel a lot and when I go out it's not worth the convenience of having it with me.

That would literally be the worst option for playing on a TV. What is so fundamentally wrong with the dock that it would need to be replaced with a worse option?

I quite like playing switch on TV so no thanks Smile

I wish I could play handheld more often, but the joycon drifting has me anxious every time I get the desire to play it that way. Perhaps I'll get a third party option. Just to not have the drift when using that mode.

Fri Oct 23 20 04:03pm
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So he wants Nintendo to stop selling what makes the system unique and sells most units?
This comes the genius who said Nintendo wouldn't sell over 8 million units in the fiscal year of 2018 without a price cut. It sold over 9 million in the holiday quarter alone.

I have yet to see him say something useful/correct

Fri Oct 23 20 07:18pm
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It's funny actually. Ironic that he says that Nintendo aren't really that smart =D

Must be frustrating that he's always wrong about Ninty too, the poor attention slut! Smile

Yeah. It's not as if he's occasionally right. He's never right. It must be really frustrating.

I'm extremely unpopular in my predictions when it comes to my wife's family. But I'm correct about 90% of the time when it comes to them. So they hate on me for being right XD

HAs he never EVER predicted anything right about Ninty? Pretty sure he got 1-2 things right...But I'm too lazy to check that out just now. But why on Earth, or Jupiter, is he saying something like this NOW, when the Switch is selling like crazy? The Switch just got another sales record not so long ago (22 weeks in a row thing). It must be click-bait. He's trolling. Or he isn't paying attention at all. Either way, his boss(es) should have a talk with him since this is something no one should take seriously.

I've never seen him getting right anything that wasn't obvious. And as you can see, even the obvious it tough for him.

He just might lack people close to him and he found this as a way to get attention. Kinda like a spoiled brat does stupid things just for attention

Yeah let's get rid of the feature that made the console so unique and special to begin with. Surely that will never backfire in the slightest.

To be fair to Pachter, Nintendo has turned away from the primary features of past hardware. Most people don't know it, but Nintendo once had online support added to the GameCube before pirates forced Nintendo to scuttle GameCube's online capabilities. Nintendo had no faith in online taking off either (which they were very wrong about).

3DS had stereoscopic 3D, but even by the 3DS's life, there was the 2DS and stereoscopic support was non-existent at the end of 3DS's life. The Wii U was built for two screen gameplays, but even Nintendo couldn't figure out how to make practical use of the GamePad that they gave up after Wii U was toast at the market. If Wii U didn't flop, they might have made a Wii U Lite (playable with no GamePad).

And now Nintendo has Switch Lite which can't switch following the Switch's original launch...

Except the problem is that there are some games that have to be played in Dock mode and require Joy-Cons which is ideal to play on the main Switch console.

The Lite was simply an alternative for those who want handheld only.

Nice to see a post where we can agree 100%, Socar =)

(YEah, there are som games that are handheld only, like Brain Age, but the Switch can be used in handheld....)

It's funny how he pulls statistics out of nowhere and how his bright mind wasn't able to grasp the obvious concept that one can play however he or she wants. I always play docked, for example, but my sister likes more to play in handheld mode, and we can see here there are many people who do both. The simple fact anyone can play in the way it suits them best is what makes the Switch great.

Fri Oct 23 20 06:12pm
(Updated 2 times)

Ok. There are two ways I see this gibberi...Comment of his...NAh it's gibbersih Smile

1: He truly is honest about this. He doesn't "get" the Switch. Idiot!! It's in the name. And it's one of the fastest selling consoles of all time. And Nintendo should just cut off a huge part of their market (I know I wouldn't get a handheld only Switch...Wouldn't be a Switch). If that's the case than he isn't even worthy of being called an analyst. It's seriously THAT stupid a comment.

2: He's trolling. He needs clicks to earn money. It's all about attention.

Either way it's completely stupid!

(Personally I play almost always in docked mode unless I play games that are handheld only, on the crapper or kitchen or very tired in bed... And not all games look as good on the screen as on the big TV. BOTW, BAyonetta etc. Those are made for TV gaming)

EDIT: "I think that was something Iwata did to differentiate the Switch, and he wanted to have a console that could go back and forth from console to portable."

You really don't/didn't like Iwata, do/did you, Pachter?

He knows Nintendo beat the odds. They came back after a product failure the likes of which has sent many a tech company sputtering into obscurity (blackberry for ex). Nintendo goes around the playbook and he can’t handle that as an analyst, so he’s a Nintendo contrarian.

Sat Oct 24 20 04:14am
Rating: 1

Pachter is such clown shoes.

He's still a dope.

Did he even look at which version sells more?

I actually play almost exclusively on my TV - in part because my two most played games are MK11 - which seems to love crashing more in handheld, and Fitness Boxing, which is a wee bit tough to play on tabletop and impossible in handheld. It's also just really nice to see the action on a big TV.

I do play in handheld about once a week, though, sometimes more, so it still sees action that way. Sometimes before the pandemic, I'd even take it places.

Not sure why he's concerned about this (but then again, look at who this is). Why would they scrap a product that's already selling to introduce something different?

Moreover, has he ever been really right about anything? I really only ever see his commentary posted here, so I don't know his entire body of work. Does he just have a hate-on for Nintendo, and that's why he just says things out-of-line with reality? Does he say dumb stuff about gaming in general? Honestly, either way sounds unprofessional as heck.

Sun Oct 25 20 11:47am
Rating: 1

You guys do realize that patcher pulled that 20% number from thin air right?


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