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$375k box of Pokemon cards discovered to be fake upon opening

Pokemoney down the drain
by rawmeatcowboy
28 October 2020
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There have been a number of high profile Pokemon card purchases lately, and a number of them have turned out to be fake. The latest in the line of duped card purchasers comes from the Dumb Money YouTube channel, which features Dave Hanson, Chris Camillo & Jordan Mclain.

The gang decided to go all-in on a box of Pokemon cards that were supposed to be an unopened box of first-edition. The purchase amounted to $375k, and the plan was for the YouTube channel to open the box live on-stream, eventually auction the cards off, and then donate the money to charity.

The Dumb Money gang found out during their initial live-stream that the purchase they made wasn't legit. The supposedly unopened box of cards had clearly been opened and sifted through. It also contained a bunch of cards that weren't first edition, and the box itself was resealed to make it look like the real deal.

The purchase was made from Jake “JBTheCryptoKing” Greenbaum, who claims he believed the cards to be real. He also made sure to get his payment in cash up front.