Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity demo dataminers may have discovered the full playable roster

A who's who of Zelda favorites

A demo for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity hit the Switch eShop today, giving players a taste of what the full game has to offer. Dataminers were quick to jump on that demo and pick it apart, and they've discovered what could potentially be the full roster. If you're prepared for some spoilers, hit the jump to read on.

Player icons for the following characters have been disocvered.

- Link
- Impa
- Zelda
- Urbosa
- Mipha
- Revali
- Daruk
- King Rhoam
- Hestu
- Riju
- Teba
- Yunobo
- Great Fairy
- Master Kohga
- A Monk
- Mini Guardian
- Ganon

Now that doesn't mean those are the only characters to be playable, but it could certainly be an indicator. That would mean that Purah, Robbie, Dorephan and the new Yiga villain will not be playable, as some were speculating.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


...If villains were playable I'd have to imagine that the newly teased one would absolutely be in there. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll assume this is incorrect until proven otherwise.

I want playable Beedle.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

That would be a good inclusion. Thank you! 😜

I want to play as Purah >:|

I don’t find that list very inspiring or that diverse. Though the original Hyrule Warriors had a smaller cast initially, they were far more interesting, and especially so after all the DLC. This could end up with a good final cast too, but you'll likely have to pay for that to happen. Anyway, it's not going to affect me, as I had my fill of mindless horde battles in the first game. I enjoyed the game, but after several hundred hours, I can't face the monotony all over again.

Wed Oct 28 20 08:37pm
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Huh... I'm confused... aren't some of those characters a little young to have been a fighter 100 years in the past? ...although I suppose they could add a "just before Link woke up" story as well...

Probably not a spoiler since its literally the opening cutscene but


. Your suggestion also would be cool too and less stupid for the story

Fri Oct 30 20 04:41am
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For now I remain hopeful that the future characters will not appear in the main story, but instead be included in the same style as Lyndis and Celica in Fire Emblem Warriors; being the star of an adventure mode map with its own story that, upon completion, allows the character to be played in free mode.

You'd think so, but they'll explain it away somehow. I pointed out that Impa was tiny in BOTW, but here she's normal sized. The same can be said of Purah and Robbie. Old age cannot explain away such shrinkage.

Wed Oct 28 20 08:54pm
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Old age cannot explain away such shrinkage.

It's an anime art-style.
That's the whole explanation.

100% this. WW adults tended to be pretty tall, but the elders like Link's grandma and other elderly fold were usually pretty small comparatively. Old characters being small is pretty typical for a lot of art styles too.

Fantasy game with magic and monsters but getting smaller as you age is where people draw the line at belief?! LMAO.

Purah de-aged herself in BOTW. She turned herself into a kid again.

While its already strange to complain about an extremely prevalent art style choice in Japan of making old people very small, its even stranger to demand a lore reason when, like you've said, the game gave a perfectly valid one for one of them.

After playing the demo and there immediately being time travel shenanigans, I am not too surprised with the list. On one hand, I am very pleased that there will be a lot more than I thought especially since I really wanted Sidon, assuming its true, but at the same time, I'm hoping jank time travel doesn't ruin the story too much.

I agree... the time travel thing has me a little worried too, story-wise. Especially since we already know how the "Age of Calamity" ends.

Fri Oct 30 20 01:02am
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Yeah. Im personally hoping it stays that way, as I would rather they keep the bitter ending to help reinforce the story and themes in BotW over some time travel nonsense to save the champions or whatever dumb stuff could possibly happen.

Very cool! I like the list. I hope Beedle and Kass get added.

Ganon's interesting since his only BOTW designs so far are "Horrible Spider Cyborg" and "Smokey Pig."

Maybe we'll get a version of the glimpse we saw of him in BOTW2 only less dryed-out and corpsey.


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