Celeste's creator says they've come to realize that the game's main character is trans

Maddy Thorson has put together a truly interesting blog post on the development of Celeste. Development was not only a journey for Thorson, but for Celeste's main character as well. Now with the game being complete, Thorson is sure that the protagonist Madeline is trans, and the same goes for Thorson.

Thorson reveals their own struggle with being a closeted trans person during the development of Celeste, and as work continued on the project, Thorson realized their own feelings. Through this long process, Thorson has come to understand a lot about who they are, and the same goes for Madeline's journey. You can read the full blog post here.

Thanks to Microtic for the heads up!

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Fri Nov 06 20 03:21pm
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So ... Madelien's a self-insert?
Fine if they are, but still, kinda weird they feel the need to retcon that into existance.

Fri Nov 06 20 03:08pm
Rating: 4

Honestly you should save that for a sequel instead of doing a J.K. Rowling retcon.

A JK retcon would be to claim a character in a preexisting media is LGBT without any hints of prior evidence towards such. Madeline has had hints during the game (which led to theories) and farewell outright showed proof in key art. So no, it's really not a surprise, nor is it bad that it isn't.

I'm reminded of Joseph the processing guy in Friends.

I'm tempted into thinking this is nonsense. You know what, I just did.

Fri Nov 06 20 03:21pm
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So ... Madelien's a self-insert?
Fine if they are, but still, kinda weird they feel the need to retcon that into existance.

Fri Nov 06 20 09:11pm
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Not exactly? Madeline is pretty much her own character still, and while the creator based her off things she's familiar with (a lot of characters in medium are, in some way, inspired by the actions of a person, whether it be on staff, a famous figure, a stereotype or someone a dev remembers from their youth), it's not a 100% self insert. It's barely one at all imo as she does a lot of distinct things and her struggles are more in line with the general battles of anxiety and whatnot that a lot of folk have, and it would have been super obvious if she was a self-insert.

So ... Madelien's a self-insert?

Always has been.

(Astronaut preparing handgun)

Fri Nov 06 20 04:03pm
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In agreement with most others here. It feels kinda shoehorned at this point. Having that mentioned in a sequel's dialogue would've worked better to more naturally integrate it than just sort of having the dev randomly mention it several years after the original released. While I get why some may compare this move to JK Rowling, JK is transphobic, so by default the comparison is a miss. Maddy deserves to be compared to better (if compared at all).

Fri Nov 06 20 06:18pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

I can’t begin to understand the internal turmoil Maddy Thomson must be enduring. My prayers are with him. Sad

I don't think there's much turmoil anymore if she's finally accepted herself for what she is? The whole turmoil would have been the battle leading up to it, and the closeted nature due to extreme transphobia and discrimination in our world. The fact the creator is making this bold step should be absolutely applauded, TBH, especially with how rough people treat LGBT creators already.

This doesn't seem surprising at all. If they are an insert character of course they would reflect the developer/author.

Madeline is only a self-insert retroactively though.

In related news, Miyamoto has just come to the realisation that Mario is based on Magnum P.I. And Sega have announced that Sonic is in fact a closet porcupine.


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