Following a recent data breach, leaks suggest that Capcom is localizing The Great Ace Attorney and its sequel onto Nintendo Switch

Capcom has recently suffered from a data breach, and as a result, some of their information regarding upcoming game releases may have been revealed. A notable example is The Great Ace Attorney, a game that follows the Phoenix Wright line of games that was never localized, may finally be released in North America via the Nintendo Switch. The game's sequel, The Great Ace Attorney 2 also appears to be in development for Nintendo Switch. The evidence for this comes from the fact that Capcom appears to have already set plans to record English voiceovers for the games. Whether or not Capcom will announce this games' official localization has yet to be seen, but since this information currently comes from a leak, nothing is official just yet.


While I think I'd rather play them on 3DS as a last hurrah for dual screen Ace Attorney, I'll take it!

IDK, I think RMC was avoiding posting this story, as I sent it in last night, but he didn't post it, though he did post another completely unrelated story. I know a lot of the forums were wary, as it also contained sensitive personal information. I think it's fair game to post the game related stuff, as the cat's out of the bag. Obviously personal information shouldn't be posted.

I'm curious to know what "Guillotine" is. I'll update this post with the Nintendo related information, as this story only contains a bit of it. The big piece for me is that the 2 upcoming Switch Monster Hunter games are only timed exclusive and will be coming to PC.

Just when I'm in the middle of playing the first one with the fan translation lol. But it'd be great, I hope they do Gyakuten Kenji 2 as well.

Don't play with my feelings.

Better late than pregnant.

...Never, I meant never.

Ah! The one that almost got away...how I have longed for thee.

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I will wait for the official statement from Capcom though. Some of this could be stuff they are/had planning but haven't greenlitten everything yet. But damn, this is bad for the company. The internet really is a vicious place. I agree with Eire though that the MH games coming to PC too is a bit of an oddity. Would have thought Nintendo would keep those exclusive. Perhaps in Japan?

Oh well. Curious to see what those secret projects are all about.

EDIT: Resident Evil 4 VR anyone? Smile

The Internet, particularly the speed at which it moves and the lengths cybercriminals will go, is something Japanese corporate structure is very unprepared to handle. Most large Japanese companies follow a slow, meticulous approach to decision-making (at least compared to large companies of other countries) and are run mostly by veterans in their industries unaccustomed to new technology (even among technology companies). Slow and steady wins most races, but such companies are ill-equipped to deal with crises in which time is of the essence.

I don't know if this is how it is at Capcom, but when it comes to new things, there's kind of a Burns-and-Smithers dynamic at a number of Japanese companies I've observed (I can say Toei Animation is one of them, and it appears Honda Motors is another) where the assistants are hypercompetent and up-to-date but they need permission to do anything.

Tehe. I hear they still use th fax machine several places. But thanks for the explanation. It sucks indeed for the company, Capcom this time, but it's not a biggy for me anymore. Doesn't matter when I get the news. THe E3 era is over anyway. Heck, even the usual Directs are a thing of the past. But it really must suck for them to loose such information. And I am sure several devs were really eager to surprise us gamers too. Oh well. Such is life. Hope at least RE8 gets VR support as it looks like there will be a RE4 VR game.

Probably one of the best days ever for Ace Attorney fans in the west, frankly.

You can hate it being leaked, like I do, but as a fan of the series, this has been something long-desired by all of them.


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