PUMA "Future Rider" NES-style sneakers release Dec. 4th, 2020

Now you're walking with power!

PUMA has been all about the Nintendo collabs this year, and they have one more special sneaker lined up for the end of the year.

PUMA "Future Rider" NES-style sneakers are due out Dec. 4th, 2020, and they pay tribute to the console that started it all for Nintendo. With an NES color scheme/design, a faux power button on the side, and a tongue featuring Super Mario Bros., these sneakers absolutely scream nostalgia for Nintendo fans. No word on pricing just yet, but no matter how much they are, expect them to go quickly.

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Mon Nov 16 20 08:07pm
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Wow! Those look great! I'd wear 'em.

Tough choice, idk whether to get the Mario 64 Future Riders or these NES Future Riders. God they both look amazing but can only afford one pair!

Hell, I'd probably buy 2. One to wear and another to keep pristine.

Tue Nov 17 20 02:43pm
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The source is just some hip hop news site. For those interested here's the actual link :

edit: "No word yet on pricing" huh? They're $90. I feel like I'm doing RMC's job for him lol


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