DOOM Eternal still coming to Switch, but digital only

We're not DOOMed yet

GameStop is causing some Switch owners to worry today, as they're calling people who pre-ordered DOOM Eternal on Switch and telling them the game is cancelled. Normally that would be a big cause for concern, but we have some insight into the situation that should put people at ease.

While I can't say specifics just yet, and I also can't say specifically who gave me info, I will say that I have 99.9% reason to believe that DOOM Eternal on Switch is alive and well. All I can say is that my reason for believing the game isn't cancelled comes from an official source close to the project. If there's any truth to this news from GameStop at all, perhaps it's tied to physical release plans, and not the game overall.

I've reached out to my source and others tied to the project to hopefully get a comment on the matter. If/when we get that statement, I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks to WolfStarSonic for the heads up!

UPDATE - The Bethesda Support Twitter account has shared the following messages. Make of them what you will.

UPDATE 2 - DOOM Eternal is not cancelled for Switch, but will now be digital only. You can find a statement from Bethesda below.

"While Doom Eternal is 100% on track for an imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical release at retail resulted in cancelled pre-orders.. Affected customers will receive full refunds and should contact their preferred retailer for more information."

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You are probably not able to answer questions like this, but is Doom Eternal still planned for Switch in some capacity, or is Doom Enteral still planned to be directly ported to Switch?

As far as I know, this is a direct port as always planned. I haven't received any other info on changing plans to a cloud version or something like that. Not saying that couldn't be the case, but my correspondence doesn't indicate that in any way at all.

Just to stress again, this is not a case of "I heard from someone who heard from someone." This is someone tied directly to the project in some capacity.

Good to hear, it would be very concerning if people started dropping in development hardware ports for streaming versions, especially given it still seems streaming is a pretty small niche on Switch.

We were just discussing this in Discord. RMC, some will say you're feeding the fire. I disagree though, and it's a weak response from Bethesda after 8 months of nothing. Just give a clear answer, seeing as you took the time to respond several times, instead of being ambiguous.

Thu Nov 19 20 08:46pm
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A cloud version would remove the technical hurdles, but also it would allow the Switch version to get the DLC as well. I can't see the Switch otherwise getting the DLC, if it is a native, downgraded port. It could be why Gamestop are giving refunds, because there's no physical version anymore, just a cloud version.

There must be something up for them being so quiet, for so long. There isn't so much as a Switch screenshot in all this time. Maybe Nintendo will announce a Switch Pro shortly, and this will be one of its first games. Who knows?

Thu Nov 19 20 08:47pm
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This is probably a guess but I think the employees are upset that Microsoft has no intention to have Bethesda to be removed from Sony and Nintendo. So they decided to be a d*** towards their customers. Like I said, it’s a guess.

A major miscommunication or maybe there is some truth to it. Like maybe the Switch version will be a cloud game or perhaps it will only run on the often rumored Switch Pro. Both of those would eliminate the SKU.

The port will probably be revealed at the Game Awards after Doom Eternal goes out with the big prize that it probably deserves.

That would not be a good place to reveal the game. The game will be over 9 months old at that stage. "Hey folks, remember that game from last March? Well here it is on Switch, visually downgraded, runs worse and more expensive(it's less than than half price on other platforms now). Oh, and you're not getting the DLC either."

Doom Eternal "Rip an Tear edition". Patch for new consoles and Switch version with DLC included.

It’s being canned for Switch, moved to Switch Pro.

But it’s $25 on Black Friday this year on competing consoles. Too bad. It was announced as a day & date release for Switch. That was a pipe dream. No one will buy it on Switch for the original MSRP. RIP Doom Eternal Switch.

I just lost some respect for Panic Button too. They said they were up to the task.

Don’t forget Id delayed the game, which was supposed to come out last November. They made some substantial differences in that delay, which would obviously throw a wrench in Panic Button’s plans. The Switch version was originally coming out day in date with the old November date.

Thu Nov 19 20 09:16pm
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If this is still happening I’ll give it another try on Switch but man...this game was a disappointment for me when I played on Xbox earlier this year. Doom 2016 was so fast, direct and to the point- it was like a Nintendo take on an ultra-violent shooter. Just laser focused on getting you to have fun. But with Eternal, right from the off there’s tutorials assigned to pretty much every enemy, just flying in the face of what made 2016 so immediately great. There’s lots more in the way of upgrades. Juggling between setting fire to enemies for armour, chainsaw for ammo, shoot for health. Switch between different grenade types for different enemies. It’s deeper, but I don’t think that’s what was needed for a Doom sequel at all. Everything else about it was fantastic and I still had some fun with the time I spent with it but man, overall the direction it went gameplay wise made me put it down half way through.

Thu Nov 19 20 09:35pm
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So it's the eternal wait, eh?

These Bethesda tweets about "announcements" are a bit disheartening, but I'll consider that the person dealing with their social media accounts simply doesn't know anything and trust you and your source.

I guess that the DLC is really giving Panic Button some trouble and therefore we won't see this release anytime soon though. Some people are worried about the time gap between the original release and this port, but I would say it doesn't matter that much. We got DOOM 2016 after more than a year, we got The Witcher 3 after four years; I think we can wait a bit more for Eternal.

I knew something was up with how long it's taking to release, the complete silence. That non answer last night added to the fire. It's brutal that it's digital only, no comment either on whether we're getting the DLC. The Switch really is the worst platform ever for owning physical games. The icing on the cake will be if they've the gall to charge $60 at such a late date. It's less than half price on the other platforms now and they have physical versions.

There was more to their statement. They said:

"Stay tuned for more information coming later this month."

So we will get more information, including whether we're getting the DLC or not, in the next 10 days.

I actually saw your article about this on the Spawn Wave youtube channel before here. It made me smile seeing you get properly cited! Very Happy

I haven't played Doom Eternal yet on any platform, but I do have Doom 2016 on Switch (as well as the original Doom port, because why not?!) so I am a wee bit disappointed, because I'd like to have them both physical. I particularly liked the clever way of making the physical version of Doom 2016 future proof, by only requiring the download for the online multiplayer!

I'll probably eventually get it on the Xbox now since it's <£20 already. Will give me an excuse to dust the poor thing off.

Fri Nov 20 20 11:13am
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Digital only? Hmm. Haven’t Bethesda games done pretty well for them on Switch? I wonder if it’s just not a great version and they’re not confident that it’ll sell well based on its quality so they’re cutting their losses and just putting what they have out digitally so they don’t lose out on distribution/manufacturing costs. If it’s a solid port I wonder why they’d make this decision?

More than likely, it being a late/compromised port wouldn’t help, plus the file size is likely to exceed carts that are practical


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