F-Zero celebrates its 30th anniversary today

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Whether Nintendo wants to remember it or not, today marks the 30th anniversary of F-Zero bursting onto the scene in North America. It's been a long time since we've seen a new F-Zero game, but that's not due to a lack of fans clamoring for one. Interest and hype for a new F-Zero game is stronger than its ever been, and there's no better time than the series' 30th anniversary to let our voices be heard. Nintendo, it's time to bring this series back!

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Would've been nice to get a collection of some sort to honor this anniversary. I would have liked a compilation of the SNES and GBA games on a cart.

That’s something I meant to remind you of, I was thinking about it earlier in the week and then completely forgot about it. Everything is so old nowadays. It's making me feel old. F-ZERO GX is a phenomenal game, the pinnacle of the series. I don’t think Nintendo care all that much about it unfortunately. Even the aforementioned F-ZERO GX was made by Sega. Imagine Nintendo letting them make a Mario Kart game. Imagine them let the series sit dormant for the better part of 2 decades.

My favourite game series, dormant for soooooo long :-(

]"today marks the 30th anniversary of F-Zero bursting onto the scene in North America" JAPAN. Came out in 91 in NA.


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