Ring of Pain updated to Version 1.0.27

Ring of Pain has been updated to Version 1.0.27. Check out full patch notes for this update below.


Set app icons for Traditional and Simplified Chinese to use the Chinese logo
Wishing well now Siphons the primary stats from donated charms
Scroungers will no longer spawn directly next to an exit

Bug Fix

Hungry Sun properly considers all sources of explosion damage
Rare ending softlock fixed
Fixed minor bug where stat equip would project damage
Removed projected Light Concoction damage from stat increase


Ending balance for Hard-Mode, Potion and Creature limits in both modes
Ending Area of Effect spawning logic improved and damage increased
Light Concoction effect changed to: Healing missing Health becomes Light damage to all creatures
Soul Cannon effect changed to: Spend 30 Souls, deal 30 Soul Damage to target; 1 Cooldown

Version update from V1.0.26


Owl will less frequently bring you gifts for occupied slots
Item reroll costs reduced
Daily Dungeon unlocks earlier
Dogs are now satisfied with fewer pats.


Turbulence and Light Caller now function as intended
FPS settings should now save properly
Area of effect countdowns are no longer affected by spell usage
Added specific missing area of effect damage projections
Rare ending infinite loop fixed
Brittle Seed no longer breaks defence values under specific circumstances
Missing items have returned, hello there!


Poison Shield: +5% Dodge
Spiky Shield: Reflects 5
Sadistic Will: -2 Attack
Living Corset: +1 Clarity
Unstable Fragments: +1 Clarity, +2 Speed
Ghostly: +1 Health
Touch of Decay: -1 Clarity, +5% Dodge
Bronze Leaf: -2 Health
Merchant: +2 Defense, -2 Health
Mimic Friend: Now grants 4 Health, 4 Clarity
Poison Shield: +2 Attack
Bloodstone: +1 Health, 10% Crit, 10% Dodge

Version update from V1.0.25


Skulker debuff -4 to physical attack across all variants
Spawn rates for Special Rooms
First two dungeon levels
Light Concoction
Hungry Sun

Bug Fixes

Owl Boss Fight infinitely reloading
Viscid Union can no longer absorb on death
Projection fixes for freeze and poison
Gem Light Caller
Bloom issues with chest and item shadows

Twitch Extension

Quality of Life improvements

Version updater from V1.0.24

Fix for Overwhelm
Fix for Completionist
Fix for handling corrupted save files
Translation update
Depth 1 and Depth 2 balance changes so the loot distribution is more consistent

Version update from V1.0.23

Disabled the Credits Button in Settings when the game is playing

Version update from V1.0.22

Spoon Fix
Stealth Tooltip update
Credits update + button added to menu
Fix for Roaming Firebead logic when ensnared
In Game Bug Report screen updates
Rare mimic art update
Fix for Light Concoction Overheal projection

Version update from V1.0.21

Rare Chest balance
Clear Minded balance
Fix for unlocking stat based achievements during the main menu transition
Version update from V1.0.20

Bug Fixes

Korean language setting translation fixed
Spoon Variants now hidden in Collection if locked
Feet Stealthy update
Creature – Whisperer update
Reset Save Data and Analytics opt in can now be changed whilst the game is playing
Korean language translation button update
Stone Skin projection update
SpeedRun achievement updated to 18 minutes
Potions now project poison cure
Doors properly project poison cure
Light Concoction projection added
Intimidate tool tip updated
Minor localization updates

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