RUMOR: Dataminers discover voice clips in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity that may point to playable character DLC

Is the roster set to expand?

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has quite the roster of playable characters to choose from, but those who've spent time with the game might be wondering why a few members of the in-game cast can't be taken into battle. While Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have been quiet on the matter, dataminers have dug up some voice clips that might point to DLC that deepens the playable character roster. There's spoilers ahead, so only click through if you're okay with that!

In particular, unused voice clips for Purah, Robbie, Sooga and Astor have been discovered. There's even lines from already playable characters calling out these unused members on the battlefield. It's exactly the kind of audio you'd expect to hear if these characters were part of the playable roster. Whether these clips are the remains of abandoned ideas or hints at what's to come remains to be seen.

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!


It's Koei Tecmo and Nintendo. You can guarantee there's going to be DLC and paid DLC at that. The original Hyrule Warriors had an avalanche of DLC, some of it free and they announced their plans before the game released in the West, which was nice of them. I said before that I think Nintendo rushed this game out, as they had nothing themselves for the holiday season. They may have told Koei Tecmo, whatever you have complete, wrap it up into a sellable product and you can put the rest out with the DLC. Did that actually happen? We'll never know. Like take the Guardians, it does seem odd that only 2 are playable.

Like take the Guardians, it does seem odd that only 2 are playable.

Did you mean Divine Beasts? You can play all four.
Apart from a few frame rate hiccups, nothing about this game feels rushed.

Yes, the Divine Beasts, excuse my brain fart. I remember seeing the leaked roster and people saying that only 2 are playable in the game.


That leak seems quite incomplete. Perhaps play the game too and you’ll find it doesn’t seem like a rushed product.

Tue Dec 01 20 05:16pm
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Dude, deciding a game has been rushed based on only rumors without even playing it...


As long is it good, why not.

I am having so much fun with this game! The first Hyrule Warriors was pretty meh but this one is so much better.

The gameplay, the characters, the art style, the story, it’s so good.

Sooga seems like a given since you fight against his moveset already a few times. Astor is essentially Cia in this game, so yes, he, too, will likely be playable.

Though I was wrong about having playable villains in Fire Emblem Warriors, so who knows.

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