All signs point to Nintendo breaking Switch sales records in the U.S. this holiday season

Another big year for the Big N

People are lining up outside stores to snag a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, but it's increasingly looking like Switch is going to wear the crown of hottest holiday item.

While we don't have exact sales numbers, we can easily see that the Switch is selling out everywhere in the states. That's not just the special Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle, but all versions of the system. Nintendo had sent millions of units to stores in advance of the holidays, and somehow it seems just about all of them have been gobbled up. This is even more impressive when you learn Nintendo's shipments of Switch in October were up 30% year-over-year.

If you want a Switch this holiday season, it's going to be incredibly hard to find. Hopefully those of you who wanted one as a gift have locked it down already!

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If they maintain the 30% YOY increase, they'll sell about 14 million units in the Holiday quarter.
If they sell the same as last year, they'll sell almost 11 million units.

Sony is predicting 7.6 million units for the PS5 until March 31st.
I doubt Microsoft is predicting more units than Sony.

So it's just a case of basic Maths. No need to be surprised

Tell that to the gamers who said Nintendo’s reign of best selling hardware would end this month or next.

The only person who lacks basic Maths knowledge that I deal with is my young son Smile
Grown-ups who lack it are not worth the effort

I think this will be the Switch's best holiday season and Nintendo know they're at the peak of the summit. The next generation has begun, but the competition will take some time to get warmed up. Although having said that, Nintendo are competing more in the handheld market.

THe PS5/XsX launches were a bit bumpy and they didn't have a chance to deliver to demand plus not any real great launch games... All that wil be fleshed out for the next Holiday season I guess. By then the Switch might have it's oh so rumoured update.

Interesting though. Nintendo got BOTW for launch and that was a darn smart move. Having a "killer" title for launch isn't so silly, eh? But the hybrid concept and real good advertising did do it's wonders too.

Next year will be so interesting for gaming.

I thought sony's launch line up was pretty strong with spider man, sackboy, demon's Souls and Astro Bot.

But two of this are also on PS4, one is a remake of a PS3 game, and the other is a controller demo. They lack the impact that a big AAA exclusive brings to the table. Also, Miles Morales is less than 10 hours long, but costs $50 oO

And Breath of the Wild was available on Wii U.

None of these games are BOTW, but it's a quality launch.

True, but the Wii U install base and the PS4 install base are vastly different. And the Switch is a hybrid while the PS5 is basically a PS4 on steroids.

It's definitely a quality launch. Especially when you compare to the bad launch titles of the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4. The only PS platform to launch with a big exclusive game in a known franchise was the Vita.

But that is one damn fine remake they got there. Excited to try it out and see how DualSense actually "deepens" the immersion.

Also got a MegaDrive BTW...

But just like Shadow of the Colossus they say they didn't touch the gameplay, so it's basically a prettier version of the same game. I can't say if the gameplay needed upgrading for Demon's Souls, but it certainly did for SotC.
The DualSense will allow you to feel more shame when you die XD

NICE!! I have one, but it's been dead for over a decade Sad
It was made in Brazil and not made to resist ocean air. But I still have my games. If I come over I'll take FIFA 96 hehe

Gaaaah! I still ave to play SotC...But what version to play? Looking at both PS2 and PS4 versions now. Damn you, whippersnapper! Nah. I think the gameplay is supposed to be difficult for Demon's. Not a game for wussies, ya know. And I don't feel shame...Unless the DS is THAT good =D

FIFA is not allowed in this house!

I played the first two bosses on the PS2 at a friend of a friend's house way back when. But I played the PS3 version from beginning to end and how I hate that horse. It controls like drunk Conker, but fast. My hope in the remake was that they would make the gameplay better, but that's the only thing they didn't touch.

From them, my order of preference is Last Guardian > Ico > SotC and I know I'm an outlier

As for DS, I hope the difficulty remains, but fair difficulty. The one where you die because you need to get better. Not the one where you die because the controls aren't as responsive as they should be, or the game is cheap (cries in Ninja Gaiden).

FIFA 96 for the Mega Drive was actually a lot of fun. It's not even 3D. There are some hilarious sound effects. Anything past that I also don't allow into my place either.

Seems like I'll be getting the PS4 version. My PS2 and one is getting some love soon anyways in the form of Silent HIll 2-3 and Alone in the Dark. Never played Ico nor Last Guardian either... But enough with expanding my backlog. Got a date with a maiden of some black waters... Home Ninty and Koei make a new Fatal Frame game one. This one is great!

I beat Ico in 4h02min. Discovered there was a trophy for beating under 4h, loaded the last save and beat it again for the trophy hehe. So it's not a long game. Last Guardian is about 12h, so it's a bit longer. But none are huge by any means.

My PS3 will be getting some love soon. I've be replaying Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, aka the forgotten modern Batman game

Trophies aren't really important to me. Well, I guess they are better with some games, like arcade games, than others. For me trophies are beating TMNT on the NES... I did that but once. I don't even know what Ico is about but I hear a lot of good. Last Guardian VR Demo was fun...for ten minutes.

But trophies. I wonder if Ninty will start addng them, with their own twist of course, to the Switch upgrade. I don't think they'll sell more systems from it, but I am pretty sure they'll get less whining from some fans. But what they really should is to up their online infrastructure. That says me who isn't much an online gamer. This year is probably written in stone (unless we get some insane surprise) but next year should be a blast.

Half way uphill to see the Maiden (I think) but the climb is long and slippery and...I needed a break.

I used to care more for trophies. Now I usually only go after them after finishing the game and if I really enjoyed it. It also has to be a doable trophy, nothing like some games that take 10 hours to finish but the platinum is near impossible. I don't have that kind of time anymore.

I had no idea Last Guardian had a VR demo oO

Xbox has had achievements for 15 years now. Nintendo has released 4 systems after that (not counting revisions). I don't think they'll be doing that.

Next year is quite promising on all fronts. Nintendo has a lot of potential games + some already announced. Sony has promised some PS5 games they may or may not deliver (Forbidden West was just a CG trailer and GoWR not even that). And Microsoft will likely have Halo and more announcements from their new 523 studios :P

Go see the Maiden, meanwhile I'm going to save the Slowpokes from getting their tails cut off

Oh yeah. I, personally, agree with Demon's and even Astro Bot. A free game with the console is great in itself, but was mostly thinking about the "masses".

I know a handful of people, in their 30s, who have or are picking up a Switch in the last couple of months.

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