DOOM Eternal's resolution is "comparable to" DOOM (2016) and Wolfensten 2

Blurring the lines

Switch owners are quite eager to see just how closely DOOM Eternal on Switch measures up to the other versions of the game. In an interview with NWR, lead engineer Travis Archer talked a bit about what players can expect when it comes to resolution.

I can’t be precise because it varies so much, but I can tell you that it’s comparable to our previous titles with Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein 2 being the most obvious examples there. We’re trying to achieve the same performance despite a much higher quality bar, and so that was a big challenge, but that was kind of our goal - it has to be as good as the other titles despite the increased complexity.

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Still pretty impressive though. I might bite on this just for the gyro aiming, but I’ll feel silly if they patch it into the PS4/PS5 version eventually.

Tue Dec 01 20 01:17am
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I think the PS5 will get them since games are showcasing the hardware's features.

But the PS4 isn't quite as clear. It can have them. But a lot of developers don't put them. TLOU 2 added that feature quite after it got released. I'll say if they wanted to add them they would have done it by now. It has some chances mainly because DLC is still being made, but who knows.

I just can’t fathom why devs don’t put them in PS4 games, especially when they have Switch versions of the same game that do include them. I know Switch owners are more open to them but...man. Surely can’t be that much work? Just add them to your game, there’ll be plenty of PS4 owners who make use of it (I was one clamouring for them in TLOU2, unfortunately I finished it before they patched it).

Nerrell on YouTube did two great videos on motion controls and why they’re so good and the responses to his videos I guess are why devs don’t bother on PS4. A lot of responses from close minded people who equate motion controls to “waggle.” I have a friend who mainly plays PS4 who immediately switches off motion whenever a Switch game has them on by default like BotW. Won’t give them a chance. Very strange!

I suppose like most big companies they have the big data on how much people care about it.

Trying new things can be hard to some people, but I think gyro is going to continue be refined and adapted I see it kinda like rumble or dual triggers. It's something that slowly will be accepted, it just needs to be more widely known.

I personally find it unexciting how since the Gamecube era the standard controller hasn't changed that much outside of Nintendo. I suppose as more people have started playing games platform holders are scared anything new would scare customers. If anything I just wished we had something better than the second analogue stick I think that's the only part which feels obsolete considering how there are other more precise ways to have camera movement.

Any two things are "comparable" if you want them to be.

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