Switch Online app includes some bonus trivia about your birthday

I bet you feel old now

The Switch's latest firmware update adds a Switch Online app to the main row of icons on your Switch, which lets you access all sorts of Switch Online content. If you click on that and head to the NES/SNES games, you might notice a birthday cake pop up on some games. Click in and you'll see little trivia tidbits that detail when this game released in comparison to your birthday!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

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Surprising how no major games came out in November back then

Back then it was the wild west, games were made for a smaller audience and they seemingly came out when they were finished. Heck, even some games like Megaman had yearly back to back releases.

Now there are big events. Some even for just one game and the investment is so big so is more aiming for a date rather than the game just being ready.

That's the notion I get.

How Capcom thought 6 yearly releases on the same system was a good idea is beyond me.

But I agree, it was vastly different back then Smile

Tue Dec 01 20 09:42pm
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DKC released in November and that's good enough for me lol

And DKC 2 Smile
Both within less than a week of my birthday, which didn't matter as a kid because I never owned a SNES and lived in Brazil. We got games when we got them

Wed Dec 02 20 04:57pm
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DKC1 was exactly my birthday lol

HAH! I still don't feel old, Nintendo! Try harder =D


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