Broken Lines getting "The Dead and the Drunk" free content update

Maybe just a sip

A free content update is in the works for Broken Lines. See what the "Dead and the Drunk" addition has to offer in the description below.

Get ready to shoot and drink your way through the brand new free campaign The Dead and the Drunk, and guide the same old group of misfits in their struggle against all-new challenges!

There’s something strange and occult going on, and it’s not just the fog - the dead are rising from their graves! Now our heroes must face hordes of reanimated corpses as well as the ruthless masked troops, in a three-sided conflict that the squad sure as hell didn’t sign up for! The situation is more than a sane, sober soldier can handle, and nobody would blame them for cowardly running away and never coming back.

But the local trader Izkor has a solution for their lack of spirit, and it’s alcoholic enough to catch fire. With Izkor’s suspicious cocktail fueling them, the soldiers are drunk, they’re pumped, they’re driven, they’re angry - but at least they’re not dead! ...yet.

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