Nintendo cancels Splatoon 2 North American Open December 2020 live-stream due to “unexpected executional challenges”

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Nintendo was originally planning to live stream the Splatoon 2 North American Open December 2020 finals later today, but that is no longer the case. Nintendo has said that the event will continue, but the live-stream has been called off due to “unexpected executional challenges.” Obviously that doesn't really give us much insight into what's happening, but fans think they know what's causing the issue.

As you know, Nintendo stepped in to stop a Super Smash Bros. Melee. online tournament hosted by The Big House due to the use of “use of illegally copied versions of the game” and a mod called “Slippi.” Ever since that happened, fans have been quite riled up about the situation. A #FreeMelee campaign kicked off on social media, and it spread to other aspects of Nintendo fandom, including the Splatoon 2 side of things. This resulted in a number of teams lined up for the Splatoon 2 North American Open December 2020 finals going with names that somehow referenced the #FreeMelee movement.

Again, Nintendo just provided a vague statement on the situation, and fans are thinking it's tied to #FreeMelee. That's just speculation for now, but it does seem to jive with recent happenings.


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How does that boot taste?

This whole thing has been pretty hilarious to follow! Nintendo have not been handling this well at all.

Sun Dec 06 20 06:21am
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It's nice to see Nintendo has finally found their balls again in regards to the Melee camp.

I was getting sick of this free ride they'd been getting the past seven years.

How does that boot taste?

Sun Dec 06 20 01:17pm
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If I were a simple bootlicker, I would've also gone along with the past seven years of Nintendo cozying up to comps. To me, this is more Nintendo wising back up than me cheerleading everything they do. I've never approved of their relenting back in 2013.

Trust me, I have been very critical of Nintendo in general lately, especially their post-Iwata leadership. This just happens to be a nice change of pace from the frustration.

seems some smash to's hosts the finals instead with a 1000 dollars pricepot.

Sun Dec 06 20 11:59am
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Whatever the reason is, I’m sure that it’s for the best. People need to stop this Free crap.

Sun Dec 06 20 03:17pm
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If we were still in the Wii U era, Nintendo would not be pulling degrading moves like this.

EDIT: I felt this was appropriate to share: https://kotaku.com/nintendo-doesnt-want-to-criminalize-obsessed-fans-5585802


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