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Holiday-themed game “Seasonal Assistant” due out on Wii U early 2021

Tis the season for a Wii U miracle
by rawmeatcowboy
13 December 2020
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Somehow, some way, the Wii U is managing to hang on. Another title is heading to the system, and while it's holiday themed, it's not going to launch until early 2021. Get full details on Seasonal Assistant below.

Ultra Dolphin Revolution has announced its next game, “Seasonal Assistant” for Wii U via Nintendo eShop.

We Wish U A Happy Holidays!

You are Elfie, an impromptu alter ego of an assistant to a well known spellcaster. Armed with festive holiday themed spells (and a cute outfit to match), you're on a quest to get the ultimate gift for your special friend! It's time to deck some halls through winter wonder land levels and defeat plenty of meanies in Seasonal Assistant!

• Defeat enemies using festive magic and power ups!
• Explore over 8 holiday theme levels!
• Have a holiday bash with giant bosses!
• Try to get the highest score possible!

‘Tis the season to deck some halls!

Seasonal Assistant Levels is a festive spinoff Spellcaster’s Assistant. It’s a seasonal treat for those who are in the mood for a winter themed game with the classic UDR charm!

Our title will be released early 2021 in North America, Europe, and Australia for the price of $3.99/ € 3.59.

Due to the pandemic and many other issues outside of our control, our title will miss its intended December release. We hope you understand. We made this game as a little treat for both our fans and Wii U fans and we would like to give this underrated console some love. We do have other projects in the works for other platforms, however things have been difficult for many of us in 2020. We wish for everyone to have a happy and safe holiday season during these uncertain times.

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