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Character designer for Super Mario RPG shares original Geno concept art in honor of the character's Mii Fighter costume in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Geno almost looked very different!
by rawmeatcowboy
18 December 2020
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Super Mario RPG's Geno has been a topic of discussion for years now, as Smash Bros. fans wanted to see the character join the roster. While Geno might not be getting his own slot in the game, he will be represented through a Mii Fighter costume. Not the best option, but certainly better than nothing!

In honor of the excitement surrounding Geno's costume arrival, Super Mario RPG character designer Kazuyuki Kurashima shared some concept art from Geno's original inception back in the SNES days. As you can see above, Kurashima clearly had a number of different designs under consideration before he locked in the final look.

Thanks to Naruki for the heads up!