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GENKI: ShadowCast lets you play Switch on your computer via a dongle, no internet needed

You'll get a Kick out of this
by rawmeatcowboy
22 December 2020
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You might spend a lot of time at your computer playing games on your gorgeous monitors, but when it comes to Switch, you have to go handheld or connect to a dock in another room. Tired of having to leave your computer setup to play Switch on a lesser screen? That's where the GENKI ShadowCast comes into play.

As you can see in the video above, the GENKI: ShadowCast lets you play your Switch on a computer, and it's not handled through internet streaming. A small dongle gets the job done, and the results are seriously impressive.

If you have some questions about the device, or you're already interested in pledging support, you can hop over to the Kickstarter. It's already a phenomenal success, bringing in $200k as of this post. The team wanted just $30k, so I think they're set! Check out the Kickstarter here.