Retro-styled platformer "Stardash" comes to Switch on Jan. 7th, 2021

A taste of yesteryear's gaming

Looking for something that'll take you back to the days of classic gaming? Stardash is hoping to do that with its basic platforming mechanics and Game Boy-styled visuals. The game comes to Switch on Jan. 7th, 2021, and takes up just 35MB. Stardash is priced at $10, and you can read all about the title below.

We throw you back to the good old retro console days!

Not just the looks of a classic game, also the gameplay of a classic platformer. This game is NOT EASY! you have an endless amount of lives, so you can quickly restart a level when you miss a jump, get hit by an enemy, get bitten by a plant, get hit by a spiky-ball, crushed by big statues, run onto spikes, get hit by a wasp, or any of the other many ways you'll get stopped in your run.

BUT when you do complete a level, the rush you get will keep you coming back for more, and more, and more, and..

Unlock special temple levels by finding hidden keys, unlock a flip-mode by completing a level both within the time set, and also by collecting all the coins in a level.

Stardash is all about the gameplay thrown at you in awesome retro graphics and original chiptunes.

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