Nintendo acquires Luigi's Mansion 3 developer, Next Level Games

It's about time!

Nintendo has announced that they've acquired Next Level Games. The two have worked together on numerous projects, most recently being Luigi's Mansion 3. Now Nintendo has swooped in to scoop the company up. You can read the official statement on the acquisition below.

Next Level Games is a video game development company based in Vancouver, Canada which has nearly two decades of experience creating video games for various console platforms. More recently, Next Level Games has worked exclusively with Nintendo in developing software titles for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch systems, including titles in the critically acclaimed Luigi’s Mansion series of video games.

Next Level Games’s shares are currently held entirely by its owner-directors and employees. A number of owner-directors recently determined that the time is right for them to sell their shares, and Next Level Games therefore began exploring potential sale transactions. Completion of the Acquisition will serve to secure the availability of Next Level Games development resources for Nintendo, including development expertise, as well as facilitate an anticipated improvement in development speed and quality by enabling closer communication and exchange of staff with the Nintendo development team.

The Acquisition is expected to close on March 1, 2021, pending satisfaction of all relevant terms and conditions, including shareholders’ approval, regulatory approval under the Investment Canada Act and other customary closing conditions.

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Tue Jan 05 21 02:28am
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Oh snap! They actually did it! "It's about time" indeed... NLG has been putting out a lot of quality titles featuring Nintendo IPs, it was always easy to assume they were an actual Nintendo developer...

Well duh. Next Level Games has made more money making games exclusively for Nintendo than they have made elsewhere. Why else would it come to this?

Now the thing that I would want Nintendo to do is have pure supervision with Next Level like Retro Studios and ensure that they can bring that "Nintendo" quality.

Oh wow that's a shock. I have come to think that Nintendo didn't like acquiring companies (maybe other companies just do it more often?). Cool though.

Hope it is fruitful!

From the press release it sounds like NLG shareholders were looking to sell the company. It makes sense for Nintendo to step in and buy it before someone else did.

I hope Nintendo aquires a few more NA or EU studios and diversifies their developer pool. There’s a huge amount of talent currently in the industry and joining the industry every year outside of Japan. Nintendo misses out on being able to snag new talent by not having more of a developer presence outside of Japan.

This strikes me as a one time thing. They brought NLG because they were put up for sale. Doesn't seem to me like they are actively looking for more studios.

True, personally I prefer having a healthy amount of independent studios. I do however recognize that the strong relationship Nintendo has with Retro Studios was part of a venture back at the early gamecube days when Nintendo made deals with them, Silicon Knights and several other western studios.
Nintendo needs to bring back those collaborations with new western studios, they've done it only a handful of times since then.

I guess the pandemic led NLG's owners to shopping the company, and Nintendo gobbled them up because they've worked with them for 15 years+ at this point, leading to great work. The fact that Nintendo wants to grow NLG is also encouraging.

Kind of surprised it never happened sooner with how closely they've worked together for so many years. Canadian devs officially being part of Nintendo feels good!

Amazing! They said increased development speed will be a result so hopefully we start seeing multiple games from them. Maybe 1 every 2 years. Would love a Punch-Out!! Sequel featuring a cast of all new original boxers, a 3rd Mario Strikers title, and maybe a NLG developed DK game.

They're a good developer, Nintendo! Put 'em to good use!

Nice acquisition by Nintendo, even if they were already developing Nintendo exclusives.

Great acquisition Smile
But I do hope they get a few more studios to increase software output. They don't have to get so many studios as Microsoft, but still, it'd be nice to have more people working on Nintendo games

Nice! Their Nintendo games are great ones (haven't played it and I want to, but screw Federation Force haters)

Hope we can get Super Punch-Out!! or Mario Strikers 3 now.

Speaking of western developers, whatever happened to Monster Games? My life needs more EXCITEment.

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