Kickstarter for Slay the Spire official board game adaptation launching in Spring 2021

Slaying a new format

Slay the Spire has been a big hit on all platforms, Switch included. Fans of the video game will soon have a new way to play the adventure, and your Switch isn't needed at all.

A Kickstarter for an official board game adaptation of Slay the Spire is launching in Spring of this year. Contention Games is behind the project, and they say it'll allow for 1-4 players to join in the cooperative deckbuilding adventure. Craft decks, fight off monsters, discover relics, and then slay the spire, of course!

We'll be sure to link you into the Kickstarter once its live. No word on how much funding is needed to make this a reality just yet, but we're thinking Contention Games won't have any trouble hitting the base goal.

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