Bravely Default II gets a new trailer, screens, and art, plus info on characters, jobs, sub-quests, and the B 'n' D mini-game

Bravely venture forth into these details

Square-Enix has dropped a big wave of Bravely Default II details. First up is the new trailer above, along with a round of screens and art. You can find a gallery of all that content here.

Along with that, Square-Enix has shared info for the country of Rimedahl and its characters, five additional jobs, sub-quests, and the mini-game “B ‘n’ D.” You can find those details below, as translated by Gematsu.

Rimedahl, The Snow Kingdom

A religious nation surrounded by snow and ice, which according to legend was saved by a dragon about 1,000 years ago. The Church of Rimedahl, which worships the dragon that saved the nation as its Dragon God, is the country’s official religion.

Marpha Lancer (voiced by Aya Endo)

Dragoon Asterisk Holder.

A woman who serves as the “Guardian of the Dragon Cave,” a sacred place where the Dragon God is said to inhabit. The Lancer family has served as Guardians of the Dragon Cave for generations.

Goamel (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)

A small, lizard-like creature who suddenly appears in front of Seth and company on their way to Rimedahl. He speaks human language and insists he is the child of the Dragon God. He seems to have met Adelle in the past.

Gladys Kelly (voiced by Mitsuki Saiga)

Swordmaster Asterisk Holder.

Friar of the Rimedahl Church. She and Helio, the Inquisitor, locate fairies deceiving humans and interrogate them. Since her parents were killed by fairies, she continues to hunt fairies for revenge to this very day.

Helio (voiced by Fukushi Ochiai)

Spiritmaster Asterisk Holder.

A man who became the Inquisitor of the Rimedahl Church after being recognized by Domovoy, the Church’s highest priest. He uncovers humans disguising themselves as harmful fairies and holds divine trials in the court.

Domovoy (voiced by Hiroshi Naka)

Oracle Asterisk Holder.

The highest priest of the Rimedahl Church, he has the deep trust of the people. He claims his words are those of the Dragon God, and that the calming climate of the frigid Rimedahl is proof of their faith.

Gran Booth (voiced by Soushirou Hori)

Salve-Maker Asterisk Holder.

The mayor of Enderno Village near Rimedahl. He is trying to obtain the moonlit grass to save his younger brother Grin, who fell into a deep sleep in the grief of losing his wife…

Get info on jobs, sub-quests, and the mini-game “B ‘n’ D” here


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