Nintendo shares a quick guide for the Monster Hunter Rise demo

Ease into the latest Monster Hunter game

The Monster Hunter Rise demo has been out for a little while now, giving players the chance to see what the game has to offer. Every Monster Hunter game can be a little intimidating though, and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. If you need a little guidance before you jump in, Nintendo has put together a quick guide you can read below.

Take on four different Quests, learn how to use the new Wirebug and Wyvern Riding features and get to grips with MONSTER HUNTER RISE's 14 unique weapon types. You can even take on two of the Quests in local or online co-op*!

Plenty to get involved with then. If you’re new to the series we’d recommend jumping into the Basic Training Quest first and getting the basics from Master Utsushi. In the tutorial you’ll learn how to traverse the enchanting environment, how to ride your Palamute, the basics of battling and get introduced to the available buffs the Endemic Life of the area can grant.

One of the big new additions to MONSTER HUNTER RISE is the Wirebug, which allows you to zip around the environments like never before! Check out the below video for a detailed explanation of how it works!

Another monstrous new addition is Wyvern Riding. Take the reins and turn monsters on each other! Learn the ropes of the powerful Wyvern Riding technique with the below video tutorial! The free demo also has a Wyvern Riding Training Quest to get to grips with too.

Once you’ve got to grips with the basics it’s time to take on a Great Izuchi and a Mitzutsune! The Great Izuchi is the best place to start as the Quest is tailored for beginners, with the Mizutsune being more intermediate in difficulty.

Upon starting the Great Izuchi Quest, be sure to grab supplies from the Supply Box before you head out on the hunt. Remember you can swiftly get around using your Palamute! The Great Izuchi rarely battles alone so don’t be surprised if it calls in for some support when you find it. If you dismount your Palamute, you’ll find that your canine companion is also helpful in battle and will assist you in taking them all down! Watch for the Great Izuchi’s attacks and plan your strikes well! Master Utsushi will also contribute with advice too, so take heed. If you get knocked out, don’t be discouraged. You’ll be taken back to camp to recover. Once you’re ready head on out and get your revenge!

Great Izuchi Quest is a great Quest to try out different weapons in so once you’ve got to grips with one weapon, be sure to try out another. Before you know it you’ll have your favourites and you’ll start to see to advantages and disadvantages of each one. This will help as you progress and go up against other monsters. Ready to take on a new challenge? The Mizutsune Quest awaits…

Both the Great Izuchi and Mitzutsune Quests can be played in local or online co-op*, so if you know others who’re also going hunting be sure to join the party and hunt as a group! Looking for someone to play with? Check out the Monster Hunter Gathering Hall on Discord, where many intrepid hunters gather looking for a hunting party.


Monster hunter is a great series, but it doesn't demo very well. This is the best one yet, but it still kind of needs someone to walk you through it.

I've been a fan of monster hunter since freedom 2 and this is the best feeling game so far. I hope more people get past the initial hump and give it a serious try.

That’s very true. I remember when I first starting playing the series on Wii, it took many, many hours for it to click. The game has a lot of depth and there was a lot of trial and error.

I felt the same way with MHF2 on psp.

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