Digital Foundry - DOOM Eternal Switch port analysis

Pushing Switch to its limits

Join John Linneman for a deep dive into the remarkable Switch conversion of Doom Eternal, brought to us by the highly talented Panic Button. It's the most ambitious idTech port yet for the Nintendo console hybrid, and it's also the most performant! But has too much been cut from the game to make it viable?

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I was wondering when they would get around to this. The game has some slight issues but overall they call it, for what the Switch can do, superlative.

Glad to see Digital Foundry finally remembered other videogames exist alongside Cyberpunk, PS5 and Series X.

Gotta be blunt, really pleased they somehow made this a locked 30 moreso than 2016, when it would seem pretty impossible. Wish it was 60, but even then, this is one downgraded port I can happily give props to, after finding the other ports pretty meh

I'll be the contrarian here. As an owner of Doom (2016) on Switch, I was very happy with it. Played through it beginning to end, sometimes docked, sometimes handheld. Totally happy with the game.

So much has been visually improved between that game and Doom Eternal, however, that I feel this Switch version can no longer keep up. The visual differences are just too stark now. I can appreciate that it runs/performs well, but removing motion blur is a deal-breaker for me. I loved the effect in the 2016 Doom. I'm sure it's still fun, but for me this is an example of a game that - technically, yes - can be ported to Switch. I don't think it was worth the effort.

As a Doom fan, I'd pick up the Switch version for $10-15 if that ever happens, just because I'm a "Nintendo only" gamer and it's this or no Doom Eternal at all.

I think it was totally worth the effort honestly. I played it at launch on Xbox and then again on Switch and was so impressed with the Switch version even with its downgrades. It’s the exact same game, even though Panic Button have done this multiple times before I was still blown away by their work on this.

I do miss the motion blur, Doom 2016 on Switch definitely looked better (to be honest I think 2016 looked better on all consoles than Eternal) but this is an amazing port all the same. If all you have is a Switch I would highly recommend it, I never once thought “this is a bad way to play this game”- I only thought “this is Doom Eternal.” In fact I enjoyed it even more on Switch because of the gyro controls, made the fact that some enemies require more precision aiming way more forgivable and enjoyable!

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