Calico updated to Version 1.02


Calico has been updated to Version 1.02. Check out patch notes for the update below.

Feature Updates

A and B buttons swapped so controls are more familiar to Nintendo Switch players.
Added potion to teleport player back to café in case they become stuck.
Enabled screenshot and video capture on Nintendo Switch.
Adjusted credit roll UI on certain resolutions.

Bug Fixes

Fixed dialogue ending abruptly, which may have caused problems with the “Big City Dreams” quest.
Corrected various geometry stick issues throughout the world.
Corrected an issue where journal tabs would inappropriately change when typing animal names on PC.
Corrected resolution issues on ultrawide monitors.
Fixed collisions on all carpets.
Fixed scone recipe inappropriately not being given by Hocus Focus.
Corrected various collision issues.
Fixed possible crash when loading save files from earlier versions.
Fixed NPCs walking at times when they should be running.
Fixed cat potion player model problems.
Fixed problem where NPCs and animals would sometimes remain invisible indefinitely.
Fixed not being able to buy things if you have the exact amount of money that the item costs.
Fixed player getting stuck on top of log or inside of the ground next to Estelle’s General Store.
Fixed construction cat and owl club conversations getting interrupted which resulted in player getting stuck.
Fixed disappearing furniture issue affecting certain items.
Fixed an issue mounting animals immediately after performing certain actions.
Fixed an issue where clothing colors would be reset inappropriately.
Fixed a model problem with Ranger.
Fixed an issue where radio would be picked up separately from the table it was on, getting players stuck in Furniture mode.
Fixed Safeena leaving her spot before the end of the Clover Coast quest.
Fixed an issue where polar bear cubs would inappropriately follow the player.
Fixed conversations being interrupted by passing NPCs.
Fixed hats not fitting on Pudgems and his heckin’ chonker head.
Corrected an issue where recipes would not correctly load from a saved game.
Fixed animals disappearing from collection quests (pigeons, bunnies).
Fixed NPCs getting stuck at the door of the café.
Corrected an issue where cinnamon roll recipe would not populate.
Corrected an issue with Venture Catpital quest.
Corrected an issue where the credit sequence would occasionally yeet the player into the ocean.
Corrected an issue changing save files.
Corrected an issue where a blue hat pigeon lived in a wall for some reason.
Fixed problem where food wasn’t being bought when multiple NPCs visited at the same time.
Fixed saving food that has been made but not put in the display case.


Lowered volume of rain and splashes.
Adjusted angle of ears / sundae hat on certain animals.
Smoothed out navigation of sloped terrain.
Made player movement speed gradually increase over time.
Raised top run speed.
Increased speed of horses relative to other animals.
Corrected some issues with bunny ears.
Adjusted coast and city barriers to be clearer to players.

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