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Medieval comedy physics game "Balancelot" jousts onto Switch Jan. 22nd, 2021

Starring Lance!
by rawmeatcowboy
18 January 2021
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Ratalaika has announced their next Switch game, and it's right around the corner. Balancelot is hitting the platform on Jan. 22nd, 2021, and you can read full details on it below.

In this satirical medieval fantasy tale, a poor squire dreams to attend and conquer the kingdom’s jousting tournament.

But because he’s poor, he cannot even afford a horse. However the unicycle happens to be close enough so the epic journey may begin! Prepare to balance... A LOT.

Use your skills to balance the clumsy but fully functional unicycle.
Thrust the threatening mythical monsters with your sharpened lance as they sit on your way to glory.

Climbing over the dead enemies with your unicycle may be the last climb you take. Crush your enemies, drive before them and hear the lamentation of your one-wheeler!


Extreme unicycle driving
Over 20 challenging levels
Multiple medieval-themed environments
Encounters with mythical monsters from the past
A twisted story with beautiful in-game cut scenes
Humor as sharp as a knight’s lance

Balancelot will be priced for 7.99 $ / € for all platforms, and it will launch on:

Nintendo Switch (NA & EU): January 22nd

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