Next Level Games looking to hire employees for multiple positions

Next leveling up

Some big changes for Next Level Games, as Nintendo recently snatched up the company. The two had been working together for ages, but now Next Level is officially under Nintendo's umbrella.

With the big move to Nintendo second party status, it's not surprising to see new positions open up. A round of job positions for Next Level were listed in December, and now those listings have popped up once again. The company is looking to fill positions like producer, art production manager, UI artist, and so on. It's clear Next Level is working on something, but it'll likely be quite some time before we see a reveal.

Thanks to Josh for the heads up!

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Tue Jan 19 21 02:45am
Rating: 1

I hope they can handle multiple projects at once eventually. I could really use some more Punch-Out!! about now as well... it’s horrifying to think how long ago the Wii game released.

Tue Jan 19 21 05:21am
Rating: 1

Ui is something they seriously need to work hard on. Its terrible and lifeless at that.

They also need to figure out how to run games more smoothly.

Very curious to know what they're working on, since I doubt Nintendo wants two original Luigi's Mansion games on the same system.

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