Convenience store chain Wawa is using New Super Mario Bros. music in Tiktok advertising

Nintendo's not going to like this


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The world of Tiktok is an interesting one. You never know what kind of trends will take off, leading to millions of views. A lot of those trends are tied to sounds, which countless users put into their own videos to keep the trend going.

Companies are clearly picking up on Tiktok as a very important place to advertise their products, as it can reach millions from young to old alike. These companies are very eager to get in on the latest trends, and Wawa has done just that. The thing is, the way they're using this trend might not sit too well with Nintendo.

There's been a trend on Tiktok for quite some time now where users are creating videos with a string of tunes from the New Super Mario Bros. series. Usually you see users showing off their pets and rating them based on different faces or activities. With the start of each new song in the NSMB audio, the user shifts to a new part of their video. This specific string of songs has gotten millions, if not billions of views by this point.

Wawa obviously wanted a piece of that pie, so they put together an ad using that same sound. Regular Tiktok users using the sound for their videos is one thing, but Wawa is now using all these New Super Mario Bros. tunes in an official ad campaign on Tiktok. We're not sure if Nintendo knows what's up yet, but you can bet they'll move to take it down. Nintendo isn't in the business of licensing out their tracks for other companies to make ads with, and there's simply no way they'd sign off on something like this.

If Nintendo does catch on and this makes it to some higher-ups, get ready for a mass exodus of Nintendo tracks from Tiktok.

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Mmmm cholesterol....

but seriously, I wonder if Nintendo will do them or they may have asked for a permission...I doubt it,

With all due respect, this is a nothing story.

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