Joy-Con class action lawsuit filed in Quebec, Canada

Nintendo is no stranger to class action lawsuits with the Switch Joy-Con. A number of lawsuits have been filed around the world, and the latest has just been drafted in Quebec, Canada.

Lambert Avocat Inc. submitted this lawsuit, and it includes the Switch, Switch Lite, Pro Controller, and Joy-Con. The company claims that drift was a “hidden defect,” that breaks the Consumer Protection Act, and they're looking for restitution. Lambert Avocat is now rounding up more info from people who are suffering from drift in order to further the lawsuit.

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The more lawsuits the better, as far as I'm concerned. Nintendo knows there's a problem and have done nothing to fix it. They're sticking their head in the sand and hope it just goes away(media attention). Beyond that, I think the Joy-Cons are awful, both ergonomically and quality wise. Wii remote; great. SNES controller; great. Gamecube controller; great. Nintendo are great at making controllers, or at least they were, but I intensely hate the Joy-Cons.

Wed Jan 20 21 10:56pm
Rating: 2

Well Nintendo has offered free fixes. And no the Joy-cons are the best controllers to hold imo.

In my opinion, the Joy-Cons are the worst controller Nintendo has ever made. Tiny to hold, tiny buttons and analogue sticks, they feel cheap. They're even worse when held sideways. No real d pad, shoulder buttons are like slivers, very little give, no analogue, no IR pointing and they're ridiculously expensive.

Wed Jan 20 21 05:58pm
Rating: 1

Interestingly, I fixed my left JC yesterday. It's by far the easiest fix I ever did. Takes about 5 seconds for the "job" and about 5 minutes for it to dry. Not saying Nintendo is out of the woods on this one, but if more people knew this simple little trick....

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