Musician offers up a deep-dive to explain what makes the Mii Channel theme so memorable

A timeless tune

The Wii was an absolutely mammoth hit for Nintendo, giving millions of owners countless hours of fun. It also gave us a bounty of classic songs and jingles packed right into the hardware, but none are so fondly remembered as the Mii Channel theme.

What is it that makes the Mii Channel music so catchy? There's a lot more going on behind the scenes than you might think, and YouTube musician Charles Cornell wants to share his findings. If you're looking for a deep analysis of this truly classic Nintendo tune, you won't find any finer feature.

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The Wii has a lot of catchy menu music. Even the Wii U has some. The Gamecube has the memorable start-up jingle. The Switch? I don’t think it'll be remembered for any themes.

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