Smash Bros. Ultimate mod makes Kingdom Hearts' Sora a playable character

Sora gets the keys to the kingdom

There are a number of dream characters Smash Bros. Ultimate fans would like to see added to the game, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts is extremely high up on the list. Will Square-Enix and Nintendo actually make it happen? We have no clue, but at least fans can get their fix through a custom mod.

The modding scene for Smash Bros. Ultimate is always hard at work adding in all kinds of crazy characters to the game, and their latest efforts have made Sora a reality. Even though this is just a fan mod, the amount of work and attention to detail that went into this is seriously impressive.


I guess the obstacle with Sora is what kind of deal Disney would pursue on top of Square’s to allow him in. Nintendo have worked with Disney plenty of times before so wouldn’t be impossible at all but it would be a more difficult/expensive deal to get Sora in versus the kinds of characters we’ve seen so far.

Not a KH fan at all but I’d rather have seen Sora over Sephiroth; at least he’d have represented a new franchise for Smash.

Thought Smash already had Sora but the game calls him Shulk for some reason

An odd choice to use Shulk as the base (I would've figured Ike was a slightly better fit), but I'm distracted by the lack of expression in the character's face.

Even in the render art there's no life in those eyes, and it's a little unnerving.

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