Hitman 3 Cloud Version "wired versus wireless" comparison

How do the two options fare?

Hitman 3 came to the Switch this week, but as a cloud version. That means you'll need to have a steady internet connection to play. Wired will almost always be best, but could wireless work in a pinch? Check out the above video to see a comparison between the two options.

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WiFi technologies are incredible and life-changing, but there is so much variation in the signal and latency depending on factors that can change based on where you’re sitting in the house or even how busy the airspace is in your home at different times of day, like when the kids get home from school.

I always try to convince my friends to pony up for a $15 USB adapter if at all possible. Everything about the online gaming experience is just smoothed out and improved by using a simple Ethernet adapter.

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