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Cyber Shadow dev talks about how closely the game sticks to NES limitations, and shares the possibility of DLC

Playing to the system's strengths
by rawmeatcowboy
23 January 2021
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To someone like me who grew up on the NES, Cyber Shadow looks absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully others feel the same way! The game certainly looks the part, but just how much of it would be possible on an actual NES? Nintendo Life talked to developer Aarne Hunzike to find out.

Following the rules and restrictions of an 8-bit game is such fun that most art in the game is very much possible on a real system. Where rule bending does happen is the number of sprites on screen and the use of parallax scrolling that doesn’t rely on splits. The SFX are also all made in Famitracker.

Cyber Shadow comes to Switch this week, and there's no doubt excitement about it. Can we hope to see even more content for Cyber Shadow down the road after launch? Here's what Hunzike had to say.

It’s up to the players. If there’s demand, my body is ready.