New artwork discovered for an early/unreleased Mega Man anime from the '90s

You've never seen the Blue Bomber like this!

Mega Man has seen numerous cartoon adaptations over the years ranging from serious to cheesy. While Mega Man fans know all about those projects, some brand-new assets from an unnamed 1990s project have just been discovered.

It's unclear whether the artwork above is for an anime that never saw release, or was meant as early artwork for the eventual 1990s Mega Man cartoon. Either way, this is the very first time we've gotten a look at these pieces of art. A neat part of Mega Man history!

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This is a wild discovery! Everyone is careful to note that it's currently unclear as to what project this was born from, and it will be very fascinating regardless of what it turns out to be. Personally, I do theorize it stems from pre-production of the Ruby-Spears cartoon, given that it focuses on Gutsman, Cutman, and Protoman as villains. It would bridge the gap between the initial, very game-faithful promotional video and the oddly muscular final product. It's as if reception of the preview video was skeptical, and they began retooling the designs to make it more appealing to "boys ages 6-12."

It kinda looks like the cutscenes from Mega Man 8 midway through transforming into the Ruby Spears versions.

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