Nintendo's company book from 2007 shows multiple Wii logos that were under consideration

Wii would like to play

The Wii name was one of the most divisive in Nintendo's history when it was revealed back in 2006. Fans were used to calling the platform the Revolution, as that was its codename. Then out of nowhere, Nintendo revealed the Wii name, and people were left reeling. Of course, things settled down shortly thereafter, and it's obvious at this point that the Wii name was the way to go.

While we all know the Wii logo quite well, Nintendo had considered quite a few different versions before they settled on the final design. A company handbook from 2007 reveals some of those designs, a few of which are wildly different from what we got. Do you see one you like better than the official version?

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I think the one they went with was the best choice by virtue of being simple and elegant, but I LOVE the one that looks like an upturned crescent moon with a nose and two i's in the corner (sixth logo in the sixth row of the second image). That's abstract art right there.

Good thing they didn't go with the 4 triangles one. Imagine people saying "the Nintendo Triangles"

One of them with curves look almost like butts. Not joking here and its a relief that they went with the final one.

It's funny how now that we're used to the official Wii logo, all of those look like Chinese knockoff products.

Ha! How did the Twitter guy miss the spelling of "begining new era"?

Were Nintendo taking the proverbial P1$$? 😉

This logo looks like wee wee. Though it could also look like Wii Mii. There's quite a few logos there that are nicer than what Nintendo ended up going with. But I think someone being bombarded with all of these, would eventually settle for something simple.

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