Check out tons of high-quality footage from Super Nintendo World, including ride tours of "Koopa's Challenge" & "Yoshi's Adventure" + much more

Spoilers ahead.

Universal Parks News Today has uploaded tons of 4K footage of Super Nintendo World Japan, giving a close look at practically everything in the park. Full recordings of Koopa's Challenge and Yoshi's Adventure, menu item taste tests, tours of the various shops, and much more can be checked out in the round-up of videos below. Beware though, some of the first-time magic may be taken away by watching these if you plan on making a future trip to Universal Studios for yourself.

Experience the incredible Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge, the cutting-edge new attraction at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, including a tour of Bowser's magnificently detailed castle, every preshow, and the entire attraction INCLUDING AUGMENTED REALITY in 4K!

You've experienced Super Nintendo World's signature attraction Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge with augmented reality, now you can see what the ride looks like without AR goggles!

It's time to go on an adorable adventure with Yoshi! The second attraction at Super Nintendo World features an outing with the adorable green dinosaur we all know and love from the Mario series, all shot in gorgeous 4K!

Take a walking tour around the exciting Super Nintendo World expansion at Universal Studios Japan, all in lovely 4K!

Take a walk through the underground area of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, including a short peek at the key challenge within!

There's literally hundreds of items available for sale at Super Nintendo World, and you can check a lot of them out here at 1-Up Factory, the land's nain shop!

Experience the high stakes, interactive battle with Bowser Jr. at Super Nintendo World! When you collect three keys, you can battle the mischevious Koopaling himself for the Golden Mushroom!

One of the most fun parts of Super Nintendo World is playing classic songs from the Super Mario series on Note Block Rock, located just steps from Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge. We'll show you several of the songs you can play!

In addition to the regular playable songs on Note Block Rock at Super Nintendo World, there's also three secret songs you can play, and we'll teach them all to you!

We tried everything on the menu at the NEW Kinopio's Cafe in Super Nintendo World! Join Spencer as he eats his way across the menu and tells you what's good or what's not!

Join Spencer as he searches for the Pikmin hidden in and around Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan!

Ever wished you could stare at the incredible Mt. Beanpole at the very center of Super Nintendo World? Now you can, with our special atmospheric view, bringing you 15 minutes of Super NIntendo World on a clear, sunny day and in gorgeous 4K!

Join Spencer as he takes on all four of the Key Challenge mini-games inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan!

The exit gift shop for Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge has tons of Mario Kart merch on sale, and now you can check them all out!

Our favorite green dinosaur not only gets his own ride, but also a delicious snack booth at Super Nintendo World, and we got to try everything on the menu!

Try the two delicious popcorn flavors created for Super Nintendo World with Spencer!

If you're curious about the basics in using your Power-Up Band for Super Nintendo World and how to use the USJ App, Spencer is here to give you a quick lesson!

Take a tour of the adorable Kinopio's Cafe, where the Toads are working on several delicious dishes for park Guests to enjoy!

One of the extra-fun things about Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is meeting your favorite heroes from the Super Mario series! There's Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, all greetable together!

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Wed Feb 03 21 01:24pm
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Uhh... [inst]Dad Groan[/inst] I want to go to there so badly!
But, even if I had the chance, I don't think I would attend during a Pandemic.

I don’t get why people would spoil so much of this experience for themselves, but then there’s the pandemic part, so I guess?

The Kart thing is very confusing. I don't understand how it's supposed to work.

I'm sorry, but this is very underwhelming. I expected more.


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