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Pokemon Center website now selling the 65-inch Gigantamax Meowth Poké Plush

Longing for you
by rawmeatcowboy
06 February 2021
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Japan often gets a ton of Pokemon merch that the rest of the world doesn't. That's why we're so happy to share that one of the crazier items we've posted about has actually made its way to the states!

Believe it or not, the 65-inch Gigantamax Meowth Poke Plush has actually been added to the Pokemon Center online store. You can make this behemoth yours, so long as you don't mind spending $300! Sure, it may be 1:20 scale when compared to the real deal, but the size of this thing is still super impressive. You can grab yours here!

Thanks to Nataliek for the heads up!