1999 1st Edition Pokemon TCG set sells for $666k at auction, setting a new record

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The Pokemon card bubble hasn't burst yet, as people are willing to pay more money than ever to grab special cards and sets. The latest official auction has just closed, and it managed to set a new record at the same time.

Through Goldin Auctions, a complete 1999 Pokémon TCG set pulled in an unbelievable $666k when the auction wrapped. The grading on this set is "PSA GEM-MT 10," which is as good as you can get. This set also included a first edition Charizard card, which certainly helped to bump up the value.

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Sun Feb 07 21 02:36am
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Was the buyers name Damien? $666K, that’s the calling card of the devil. 👿

Edit: Not lying RMC, the site's been acting all weird since you posted this story. It's not listed in the latest news on the site, I came across it on Discord. There's only "6" stories now on the front page when there's usually 10. And I've been getting errors when posting on other stories.


Ahhh....not much to say on the actual topic..but rather this one-time page.

Like seriously, what with this one WB tab that showing off five new tabs on top of one another?!?

Wow. I have all the 1st generation and 2nd generation cards in decent condition all 1st edition. I wonder if I should look into selling this whole package also! Although his were all PSA 10 which I doubt I have any of that condition.


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