McDonald’s Pokemon TCG Happy Meals are causing a frenzy, making them incredibly hard to find

Pokemon Grumble Rush

Pokemon TCG cards are an incredibly hot commodity right now, with cards pulling in a ton of money on auction sites. That attention to anything and everything Pokemon TCG related is making it quite a nightmare for anyone who wants to snag a McDonald’s Pokemon TCG Happy Meal.

Reports are coming in from various locations about people waking up early to bombard McDonald's locations, McDonald's locations placing restrictions on how many meals can be bought, and eBay being flooded with listings that are selling for hundreds of dollars. It's very clear that demand is outstripping supply right now, which will only make the cards more valuable as time rolls on. If you're trying to snag one of these Happy Meals for yourself, it's either going to take a lot of luck, or an addiction to eBay!

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I can just picture the lines at McDonald's. Gotta eat 'em all! I'm loving it! 😜

Yup, I just watched a Tiktok where the guy bought 20 happy meals to get 20 packs. It is crazy right now!


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