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Rocket League Version 1.93 now available, new patch notes

by yoshiller
16 February 2021
GN Version 5.0

Rocket League has been updated to Version 1.93. Here are what changes that players can expect due to the update:


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Starting with v1.93, players that want to participate in player-to-player trading must have 2FA enabled on their Epic Games Account
As part of enabling 2FA, your Epic Games Account email must also be verified
Learn how to enable 2FA on your Epic Games Account here
Learn how to upgrade a platform account to a full Epic Games Account here
The first trade you execute after enabling 2FA may take longer than normal to process (about 30 seconds). Subsequent trades should process normally


Fixed a bug preventing splitscreen players from matchmaking in Competitive Playlist
“Invite to party” option in Friends List now displays properly for all players
Fixed lighting on Forbidden Temple
Removed animations added to the Playlist Menu in the last update
Fixed a bug causing the ball to turn invisible in Spectator Mode when using Fly Cam