Dinosaur Planet, RARE's cancelled N64 game that became StarFox Adventures, leaks online

A RARE piece of history

Back in the later days of the N64, RARE was working on an original title for the platform called Dinosaur Planet. That release was eventually cancelled, and RARE took what they had and reworked it into StarFox Adventures for the GameCube. Many have wondered just how far along that N64 version, and now we know, thanks to a new leak.

A playable build of Dinosaur Planet on the N64 has been leaked online, courtesy of the video game preservationists at Forest of Illusion. This build of the game comes from December 2000, two years before the game made its jump over to the GameCube. This build of the game was purchased from a private game collector in Sweden.

This version of the game isn't perfect, but it's good enough to run on actual N64 hardware, albeit with some issues. You can see gameplay footage from today's leak in the video above.

Thanks to CM30 and Enigmaxtreme for the heads up!

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What a dinomite leak! I could see why Nintendo wanted to star Fox in this game since the original Sabre character already looks so much like him. Honestly this opening bit of gameplay looks identical to Star Fox Adventures from what I remember.

I think what we know as Starfox Adventures would have been a better game if it had been allowed continue as a new IP.

I feel the opposite looking at this. There's about a 0% chance I would have played this project if it hadn't become a Star Fox game.

Sat Feb 20 21 03:38pm
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But it didn’t become a Star Fox game. It became an action adventure game with Star Fox characters.

After Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, etc, you wouldn’t have had any interest in Rares next game without it having pre-existing character?
Imo, Rare sold more people on this game than Starfox did.

Sat Feb 20 21 06:42pm
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Even if Donkey Kong looked completely different, he was a huge name at the time that every kid knew. Goldeneye is a licensed game from a well known brand too. They are exactly what you're arguing against. Perfect Dark's success came directly as a result of people enjoying said licensed game, so its hard to see it as a wholly original work seeing where it came from.

What is actually is is that those games were fun, and Star Fox Adventures was nothing more than mediocre, and debatably much worse. Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Kameo was from the same era of Rare, and so few cared about those, as they were debatably the same level of mediocrity. And its not just that, but other earlier games like Jet Force Gemini were pretty great, but didn't end up being huge successes either.

I'd say adding a character people like was definitely the right choice here, as it made people actually look at what would otherwise been a completely forgettable game.

I'm glad it moved to the Gamecube after viewing this. It looked miles better, though I seem to recall I was annoyed at the time of the platform change and the name. Also, the person playing in this video is frustrating to watch.

The game systems felt like chores, even the next game they made in this style Kameo and the elements of power had a lot of do this and then that, and then that other thing.

I do wonder in this N64 version if there's at least a General Scales boss fight.

Fox McCloud is that you?

This is nuts, never thought I'd get to play this at all. Obviously it's very janky but still.


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