Rocket League players who purchased an event crate or event crate key will get 1,000 Rocket League credits


Epic has just settled a lawsuit over loot boxes in some of their games, which they are no longer offering. If you were part of the loot box scene in Rocket League, you might have some Rocket League credits heading your way. Read the full details on how to get your credits below.

Longtime players know Rocket League used to feature Crates whose contents featured random “loot”. While we know many of you enjoyed unlocking these Crates and finding out what your purchase included, some of you didn’t like not knowing what you were buying upfront. This is why we removed random Crates and replaced them with the Blueprint system. We believe players should know exactly what they’re purchasing.

With preliminary approval for a class action settlement, anyone that’s ever purchased an Event Crate or a Key that was used to open a Crate in Rocket League will receive 1000 Credits. While this settlement was for U.S. players only, we have decided to make this benefit available to players globally. There’s no action needed on your part, and you should receive your Credits within the next few days.


I believe I should receive 1000 Credits and have not. What can I do?

If you purchased an Event Crate or a Key that was used to open a Crate in Rocket League prior to their discontinuation, there’s no action required on your part to receive the 1000 Credits. All players who are meant to receive this will see the Credits in their account over the next few days.

Will I receive more Credits if I purchased more than one random item in Rocket League? What if I purchased random items using more than one account that are now linked?

No, you will only receive one grant of 1000 Credits.

Can these Credits be shared with other accounts?

Yes, these Credits can be shared with your linked accounts.

Where can I learn more about the class action settlement and further options?

To learn more about the class action settlement and other benefits available to those meeting specific criteria, visit www.EpicLootBoxSettlement.com.

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